Note:  This schedule is posted to allow speakers to
       confirm that I met all time constraint requests.
       Thus it is subject to minor changes for a few days.

FINAL LIST              4/30 4/27 4/18 4/11 (Updated)

SCHEDULE:  Conference registration begins on Wednesday afternoon.
The first official conference event is a Wednesday evening mixer.
Technical sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday from
8:15 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 on Saturday.
An exhibition hall will be open during those hours (and registration).


WEDNESDAY  May 14, 1997

Registration and Evening Mixer

THURSDAY   May 15, 1997

T-A1 8:15 - 9:45

        No contributed talks scheduled.

T-A2 10:15 - 12:00

   C11.  "Numerical Methods and Algorithms"

         30. C. Shane Reese, Texas A&M University  3/4
	      "Computing Cook's Distance for Nonlinear Regression in S-Plus"
	 44. Mary C. Meyer, U Michigan    3/11
	      "An Extension of the Mixed Primal-Dual Bases Algorithm to
	       the Case of More Constraints than Dimensions, with
	       Applications to Nonparametric Shape Constrained Problems
	       in Regression, Maximum Likelihood Density Estimation, and
	       the Bioassay Problem"
	 55. Alan Carle and Mike Fagan (*), Rice University
	      "Derivatives of Fortran Programs, Automatically"
         65. Tamraparni Dasu and Theodore Johnson 4-18  AT&T Labs
	      "An Efficient Method for Representing, Analyzing and
	       Visualizing Massive, High Dimensional Data"

T-Lunch 12:00 - 1:30   (Box lunch furnished; courtesy of SAS, Inc)

T-P1 1:30 - 3:15

   C2.  "Spatial Statistical Problems"

          5. Gary D. Tasker, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA 2/3
               "Estimating Magnitude and Frequency of Flood
	        Peaks at Ungaged Site Using Regression"
	 32. J. Jack Lee, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center  3/5
	       "Applications of Spatial Statistics to the Quantitative
	        Analysis of Genetic Instability in Carcinogenesis"
	 57. Nandini Raghavan, Prem Goel, and Somnath Ghosh,
		The Ohio State University}
	        "Classification of Mixtures of Spatial Point Processes"
	 43. Humberto Vaquera, Colegio de Posgraduados, Mexico  3/10
	      Jose A. Villasenor, Colegio de Posgraduados, Mexico
	      Janet Hughes, Tulane University
	      	"The Use of Threshold Statistical Methods for Detecting
		 Long-Term Trends in Urban Ozone Levels"
	 64.  Andrew M. Fraser, Richard Smith, Kevin Vixie, Portland State U
	       and Padhraic Smyth, UC Irvine
	       	"Persistence and Recurrence in Atmospheric Circulation"

   C3.   "Wavelets"

         21. Marina Vannucci and Fabio Corradi, U. Kent   2/24
	       "Some Findings on the Covariance Structure of Wavelet
	        Coefficients: Theory and Models in a Bayesian Perspective"
	 29. Sam Efromovich, University of New Mexico
	       "Wavelet Estimation Based On Quasi-Linear Approximation"
	 49. Snehalata Huzurbazar & Canan Bilen,  University of Wyoming  3/13
	        "Detection of Additive Outliers in Time Series data
		 using Wavelets"
	  4. Todd Ogden 1/28 South Carolina
	        "Testing for Abrupt Jumps with Wavelets"

T-P2 3:45 - 5:30

   C4.   "Multivariate Methods"

         47. David M. Rocke, UC Davis 3/7
	 	"Partitioning and Subsampling to Uncover Subtle Structure
		in Massive Data Sets"
	  1. Michael Trosset 12/30 Rice University
	  	"Applications of Multidimensional Scaling to
		 Molecular Conformation"
	  2. Jason Bond and George Michailidis 10/25 UCLA
	  	"A Software Package for Interactive Correspondence
	 38. W.D. Kaigh and E.F. Schuster (*) UT El Paso
	 	"Testing Partial Homogeneity for Multinomial Proportions"
	 61. Mohsen Pourahmadi, Northern Illinois University   4-4
	 	"Data Mining, Data Perturbation and Degrees of Freedom"

   C7.   "Monte Carlo, Simulation, and Bayesian Methods"

          8. Danielle MIHRAM, USC & G. Arthur MIHRAM, Princeton   2/8
	  	"On Rules For Conducting Statistically Analyzable Experiments
		 with Seeds for Stochastic Simulation Models."
	  6. Jorge L. Romeu, SUNY Cortland 2/4
	  	"Further Monte Carlo Investigations of a Model for
		 Non Gaussian Radar Clutter Generation"
	 35. Joseph Ladalla,  3/5
	 	"Asymptotic Analysis in Bayesian Inference"
         23. Karen Kafadar & Markus Emsermann, U of Colorado-Denver  2/27
	 	"The Effects of Non-Gaussian Noise and Different Boundary
		 Rules on Two-Dimensional Linear and Nonlinear Smoothers"

BANQUET -- 6:30 - 10:30


FRIDAY   May 16, 1997

F-A1 8:15 - 10:00

   C10.   "Data Augmentation Techniques"

         28. Stephen Gulyas(*), Elizabeth Slate, Bruce Turnbull, Cornell  3-4
	 	"Fitting Latent Changepoint Models for Serial Biomarkers 
		 Using the EM Algorithm"
	 40. Dan Steinberg,  San Diego State University  3/7
	     Richard Carson, UC San Diego, Leo Breiman, UC Berkeley
	      	"Missing value imputation with iterated binary Recursive
		 Partitioning"  3/7
	 41. Mithat G\"{o}nen, Applied Logic Associates, Houston
	        "Griddy-Gibbs Sampler in a Bayesian
	         Hierarchical Mixed Linear Model"  new 4/15
	 45. George R. Terrell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute  3/11
	 	"Gibbs Sampling for Estimating Linear Models for Ranks"
	 22. Philip J. Brown, Marina Vannucci(*), and Tom Fearn 2/24
	 	"Multivariate Bayesian variable selection and prediction"

F-A2 10:30 - 12:15

   C8.   "Education and the Web"

         33. R. Webster West and R. Todd Ogden, U. South Carolina   3/5
	 	"WebStat:  An Environment for Statistical Analysis on
		 the World Wide Web"
	 58. Russell V. Lenth, University of Iowa     4-2
	 	"GUIs for Power and Sample Size"
	 10. E. James Harner & Will Wojciechowski, Stat& CS, W.Virginia U. 2/12
	 	"A Web-enhanced Introductory Statistics Course"
	  9. Will C. Wojciechowski & E. James Harner, Stat& CS, WVU 2/12
	  	"Learning Statistical Concepts using Web-based
		 Dynamic Graphics"

F-Lunch 12:15 - 1:30   (Box lunch furnished; courtesy of Visual Numerics, Inc)

F-P1 1:30 - 3:15

   C1.  "Evolutionary Computation and Statistics"

         26. Robert Oehmke, Janis Hardwick(*), Quentin F. Stout, U Mich  3/2
	 	"A Parallel Program for 3-Arm Bandits"
	 19. Virginia Torczon & Michael W. Trosset, William & Mary/Rice U  2/17
	 	"From Evolutionary Operation to Parallel Direct Search:
		 Pattern Search Algorithms for Numerical Optimization"
	 54. Bradley C. Wallet, Naval Surface Warfare Center & GMU
	     David J. Marchette, Naval Surface Warfare Center
	     Edward J. Wegman, Center for Computational Stat, George Mason U
	      	"Cooperative Coevolutionary Subspace Pursuit"

F-P2 3:45 - 5:30

   C6.  "Graphical Methods"

         53. Mark Fitzgerald, Los Alamos National Laboratory     3/14
	       "An Interactive Graphical Tool for Exploring Sequential
		Dependencies in Categorical Data"
	  7. Martin Theus and Heike Hofmann 2/5     AT&T and U. Augsburg
	       "Selection Sequences --- Interactive Analysis
		of Massive Data Sets"
	 46. Aparna V. Huzurbazar, Dept. of Statistics, U of New Mexico 3/12
	       "Computational Aspects of Data Analysis using Flowgraph Methods"
	 63. Ted Mihalisin, Mihalisin & Associates
	       "Interactive Visual Mining of Massive Multidimensional Datasets"
	 31. Adalbert F.X. Wilhelm, U. Augsburg, Germany (GMasonU visitor) 3/4
	 	"Generalised Linking as a Means of Analysing Complex Data Sets"

   C9.  "Density Estimation and Regression"

	 12. Jeffrey L. Solka & David J. Marchette, Naval Surface WC 2/13
	 	"A New Data Driven Mixture Estimator for Spatially Dependent
	 15. Aaron Aragaki & Naomi Altman (*), Cornell University  2/14
	 	"Local Polynomial Regression for Binary Response"
	 48. Michael C. Minnotte, Utah State University 3/10
	     David J. Marchette, NSWC, Edward J. Wegman, George Mason
	      	"The Bumpy Road to the Mode Forest"
	 13. Mark Farmen, Ohio State University 3/1
	 	"A Smoothed Bootstrap Adaptive Density Estimator via The Fast 
		 Gauss Transform"


SATURDAY   May 17, 1997

S-A1 8:15 - 10:00

   C12.  "Classification, Trees, and Optimization"

         27. Peter F. Thall, Kathy E. Russell and Richard M. Simon.
	             M.D. Anderson 3/3
		"Variable Selection in Regression Via Repeated Data Splitting"
	 42. Peter Hall and Berwin A. Turlach(*), ANU   3/8
	 	"Bagging in the Presence of Outliers"
	 50. William D. Shannon, Washington U School of Medicine
	     David Banks, Carnegie Mellon University
	     	"An MLE Strategy for Combining CART Models
	 51. Padraic G. Neville, SAS Institute, Inc.   3/14
	 	"Evaluating Decision Trees Using Trade-offs"
	 62. C.T. Kelley, NC State University  4-9
	 	"New Analysis of the Nelder-Mead Algorithm"

S-A2 10:30 - 12:15

   C5.   "Business Applications and Experimentation"

         34. Donald R. Jensen and Donald E. Ramirez(*), VPI 3/5
	 	"Detecting Outliers in Statistical Data using
		 Cook's D Statistic"
	 25. Jose G. Ramirez & Isabel S. Llatas(*), Digital Semiconductors,
	               Hudson, Ma 3/2
		"Upper Confidence Bounds for Soft Error Rates in
		 Integrated Circuits"
	 37. Ken Hung and David Cheng, West Washington U/Nat'l Dong Hwa U 3/11
	 	"An Empirical Study on the Investment Risk of Taiwanese
		 Stock Market"
	 59. Hans Engler, Georgetown University      4-4
	     Michael Souders, Gerard N. Stenbakken, NIST
	      	"Efficient Testing of Electronic Devices"
	 36. Anatoly A. Naumov, Novosibirsk State Technical Univ,Russia 3/5
	 	"Robust Design of Experiments and Information Set
		 of Experimenting"

   C13.   "Biometric and Survival Methods"

         52. Peter C. Wollan, Biostatistics Section, Mayo Clinic   3/14
	 	"O'Brien's Extended t-test for Paired Observations"
	 56. Martha Contreras and Changmei Liu, Cornell University
	 	"Parameter estimation in Compartmental Models Using the
		 Laplace Transform with Applications to Pharmacokinetics"
	 60. Peter W. Hovey, Wright Laboratories, US Air Force  4/7
	 	"Air Force Aging Aircraft Research Programs"
	 20. Rafiq I. Chowdhury, M. A. Islam, M.A. Shah, Syed A. Mohsin 2/24
		    Kuwait University, Kuwait and others
		"Estimation of Multistate Survival Model"
	 66. John J. Hsieh, U. Toronto  4-26
	        "Martingale Inference of Multi-state Progressive
		 Stochastic Processes"

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