Note:  This schedule is posted to allow speakers to
       confirm that I met all time constraint requests.
       Thus it is subject to minor changes for a few days.

FINAL LIST            5/8  4/30 4/27 4/18 4/7 4/4 4/1 3/21 3/3

SCHEDULE:  Conference registration begins on Wednesday afternoon.
The first official conference event is a Wednesday evening mixer.
Technical sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday from
8:15 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 on Saturday.
An exhibition hall will be open during those hours (and registration).


WEDNESDAY  May 14, 1997

8:00 - 9:00  Registration for Short Courses (Holiday Inn)

9:00 - 4:30  * Short Course I, John Elder, Chief Scientist, Quantitative Solutions
                "Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data"    (Galveston Room)

             * Short Course II, James R. Thompson, Dept. Statistics, Rice Univ.
	        "Simulation:  A Modeler's Approach"         (El Paso Room)

3:00 - 8:00  Registration for Interface`97
             Exhibition Hall Open (tentative) 

7:45 -10:00  Evening Mixer (light refreshments and cash bar)

THURSDAY   May 15, 1997

7:00 - 8:15  ASA Statistical Graphics Executive Committee Breakfast (Boardroom)
                   Sally Morton, Chair (closed)

T-A1 8:15 - 9:45

        Opening and Welcome
            President Malcolm Gillis, Rice University
	    David W. Scott, Rice University

    1.  Keynote Address
	Jerome H. Friedman, Stanford University
	    "Data Mining and Statistics:  What's the Connection?"

T-A2 10:15 - 12:00

   24. "Uncertainty Analysis for Computer Modeling Systems"
	Organizer:  Al Liebetrau, Battelle Labs Northwest

		1. Albert M. Liebetrau, Guang Chen, Feng Gao, PNNL
		   "Uncertainty Analysis for Computer Modeling Systems"
		2. Michael D. McKay and John D. Morrison, LANL
		   "Structural Model Uncertainty in Stochastic
		    Simulation Models"
		3. Jim Koehler, U. Colorado Denver
		   "Estimating the Response, Derivatives and Transmitted
		    Variance using Computer Experiments"

    7.  "New Directions for Statistical Packages/Environments"
		1. John Sall, SAS
			"The Theme of 'Context' in Statistics Software"
		2. Leland Wilkinson and Laszlo Engelman, SPSS
			"Tables and Graphs"
		3. Cleve Moler, Chairman and Chief Scientist, MathWorks
			"Matrix -- The Mother of All Data Structures"
	    Discussant: R. Douglas Martin, University of Washington

   16.  "Computational Environmental Geostatistics"
	Organizers:  Dennis Cox and Katherine Ensor, Rice University
	Session Chair:  Dennis Cox

		1. Donald E. Myers, U. of Arizona
			"Spatial vs Ensemble Statistics of Spatial
			 Simulation Algorithms"
		2. Steve Rathbun, U. Georgia
			"Geostatistical Methods for Estimating the Total
			 Mass of Mercury in the Waters of the Florida
		3. David A. Andrews & Dennis D. Cox, Rice University
			"Statistical Modeling of Vector-Valued Spatial
			 Data using Gradient Processes"

T-Lunch 12:15 - 1:00   (Box lunch furnished; courtesy of SAS, Inc)

    2.  Plenary Address (Luncheons)

		Bruce Nelson, Chief Science Officer, Cisco Systems
			"An Insider's View of Networking Trends"

12:00 - 1:30  Executive Meeting of the Statistical Computing Section Lunch
	  Daryl Pregibon, Chair (closed)

T-P1 1:30 - 3:15

   25.  "Numerical Methods for Large Problems"
          Session Chair, Karen Kafadar, UC Denver
		1. Richard Tapia, Rice University
			"Interior-Point Methods:  New Algorithmic
			 Methodology for Large-Scale Inequality
			 Constrained Optimization"
		2. Bill Symes, Rice University
			"Software and Algorithms for Estimation Problems
			in Reflection Seismology"
		3. Art Owen, Stanford University
			"Numerical Integration in Infinite
			 and Other High Dimensions"

    4.  "Educational Issues and Examples"
		1. Sandy Weisberg and Dennis Cook, U. Minnesota
			"Graphs in Statistical Data Analysis:  Is the
			 Medium the Message?"
		2. R.W. Oldford, University of Waterloo
			"Hubs and Signposts: Incremental Implementation
			 of Statistical Strategy"
		3. Adrian Bowman, University of Glasgow
			"Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Statistics"

   21.  "Business Data Mining:  Methodological Viewpoints"
	Organizer/Chair:  Clark R. Abrahams, NationsBank Consumer Credit Policy

		1.  Kenneth L. Reed and John Gins, HyperParallel
			"A Systems Approach to Knowledge Discovery"
		2.  Troy Haines, American Management Systems
			"The Importance of Preprocessing in Data Mining"
		3.  Jim Sattler, Saber Consulting Services
			"Operational Data Considerations in Data Mining"

T-P2 3:45 - 5:30

    8.  "Visualization:  Applications and Environments"
	Organizer/Session Chair:  Sally C. Morton, RAND Corp

		1.  Linda Clark, William S. Cleveland, Lorraine Denby (*),
				and Chuanhai Liu, Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies
			"Analyzing Complex Data Sets:  Visualization
			 and Modeling"
		2.  Steve Bankes, RAND Corp
			"Visualizing Multi-Dimensional Spaces of Models"
		3.  Dan Rope, Bureau of Labor Statistics
			"A Java Graphics Production Class Library"

   26.  "Software for Data Mining and Data Warehousing"
		Organizer:  Willy Zwaenepoel and Tony Elam, Rice University
		Chair:  Tony Elam, CITI, Rice University

		1.  Alan Cox, Rice University
			"TreadMarks: Software Support for Distributed
			 Data Mining on Workstation Clusters"
		2.  David Martin, IBM
			"Data Mining for Internet Applications"
		3.  Arun Jain, Assoc. VP Information Technology, Rice Univ.
			"Knowledge-Based Pre- and Post-Processors"

   10. "Massive Data Sets in an Industrial Setting and Finance"
		1. R. Douglas Martin, University of Washington
			"Robust Statistics and Data Mining In Finance
			 and Financial Engineering"
		2. Peter Rousseeuw, University of Antwerp, Belgium
			"Applications of Positive-Breakdown Methods"
		3. Daryl Pregibon, Richard A. Becker and Allan R. Wilks,
		            AT&T Labs
			"War Stories from the Data Trenches"

BANQUET -- 6:30 - 10:30 (see new time schedule 5/9)

        Banquet Address:  James R. Thompson, Rice University
          "Has High Speed Computing Caused A Paradigm
		   Shift in Statistical Science?"


FRIDAY   May 16, 1997

F-A1 8:15 - 10:00

   18.  "Wavelets and Image Processing"
           Session Chair, Guy Nason, University of Bristol
		1. Andrew Bruce, Sylvain Sardy, and Paul Tseng, MathSoft/UWash
			"Alternative to	the Basis Pursuit
			 Algorithm for Wavelet Denoising"
		2. C. Sidney Burrus and Jan E. Odegard, Rice University
			"Generalized Coiflets, A New Wavelet
			 System for DSP"
		3. Richard Baraniuk, Rice University
			"Statistical Signal and Image Processing using
			 Wavelet-Domain Hidden Markov Models"

    3.  "Virtual Reality and Data Analysis"
		1. Ed Wegman, George Mason University
			"Immersive Methods for Exploratory Analysis"
		2. Dianne Cook, Laura Nelson, Carolina Cruz-Neira, Juergen
		   Symanzik, Anthony Olsen, Sue Pierson, and Noel Cressie
		                 Iowa State University/EPA
			"Exploring Associations Among Mid-Atlantic Stream
			 Indicators Using Dynamic Multivariate Graphics and
			 Geographic Mapping In A Highly Immersive Virtual
			 Reality Environment"
		3. A.J. Rossini and R.W. West, University of South Carolina
			"Virtual Reality as a Tool for Statistical Research"

   30.  "Semi-Parametric Modeling -- State of the Art and Computational Issues"
	Organizer/Chair:  Michael Schimek, KFU Graz, Austria
                             (with discussants)
		1.  Marlene Mueller, Humboldt University, Berlin
			"Computer-assisted Semiparametric Generalized
			 Linear Models"
                               (Disc:  Joan Staniswalis, UTEP)
		2.  Joan Staniswalis, Peter F. Thall, John Salch
		             UT El Paso, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Rice Univ 
			"Semiparametric Regression Analysis for
			 Recurrent Event Interval Counts"
                               (Disc: Doug Nychka, NCSU)
		3.  Robert Kohn and Mike Smith, AGSM, New South Wales/Monash U
			"A Bayesian Approach to Bivariate Nonparametric
                               (Disc: Michael Schimek, KFU Graz
			              Leonhard Knorr-Held, LMU Munich)

F-A2 10:30 - 12:15

   15.  "National Research Center on Statistics and the Environment"
	Organizer: Peter Guttorp, University of Washington
	Chair:  Doug Nychka, N.C. State University

		1. Peter Guttorp, University of Washington
			"NRCES: The University of Washington Vision"
		2. Larry Cox, EPA
			"Establishing the National Research Center
			 on Statistics and the Environment"
		3. Abdel H. El-Shaarawi (Disc) Canadian Center for Inland Waters

   32.	"Math/Stat Massive Information Retrieval"
	Organizer/Chair:  Jim Maar, DOD

		1. Michael W. Berry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
			"Intelligent Information Management Using
			 Latent Semantic Indexing"
		2. Samuel Kaski, Timo Honkela, Krista Lagus, Teuvo Kohonen
                           Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland
			"Statistical Aspects of the WEBSOM System
			 in Organizing Document Collections"
		3. Jan Pedersen, Verity, Inc
			"Document Routing and Filtering:  Experiments
			 in the Application of Classification
			 to Textual Documents"

   38.  "Imaging"
		1. Wendy Poston, Thomas Holland, and Edward Wegman, NSWC/GMU
			"Ultrasonic Imaging of Cast Ductile Iron Projectiles"
		2. J.L. Solka, G.W. Rogers, and W.L. Poston, NSWC
			"Application of Statistical Visualization Techniques
			 to SAR Derived Feature Sets"
		3. Ranjan Maitra, Bellcore
			"Synthetic Resampling Methods for Variability
			 Estimation in Functional Images"

F-Lunch 12:30 - 1:15   (Box lunch furnished; courtesy of Visual Numerics Inc)

    2.  Plenary Addresses (Luncheons)

           1. "Computational Biochemistry"

		George Phillips, Rice University
			"Computer Models of Proteins in Action"

	   2.  "Grand Challenges and Massive Data Sets"

	         Siddartha Dalal, Susan Dumais, Jon Kettenring(*),
		   Verghese Kurien, Allen McIntosh, Ranjan Maitra, Bellcore
			"Massive Data Sets, Data Mining, and Decision
			 Support:  Challenges and Experiences"

           3.  	Richard J. Hanson, Visual Numerics, Inc.
		        "Fortran Mathematical Software:
                         A Distributed Network Library"

F-P1 1:30 - 3:15

   19.  "Dimension Reduction and Projection Pursuit"
		1. Guy Nason, University of Bristol
			"Functional Projection Pursuit"
		2. Carey Priebe, The Johns Hopkins University
			"Approximate Distance Clustering"
		3. Mark Marson and David Scott, DOD and Rice University
			"Dimension Reduction Via Kernel Bias Decomposition"

   22.   "Business Data Mining:  Application Views"
	Organizer/Chair:  Clark R. Abrahams, NationsBank Consumer Credit Policy

		1.  Michael Berry and Gordon Linoff (*), MRJ Technology Solutions
			"Business Data Mining in Practice"
		2.  Marc Goodman, Continuum Software Inc
			"Data Mining for Simulation in a
			 Process-Control Domain"
		3.  Robert Singer, CMS
			"Strategic Integration:  Utilizing Data Mining to
			 Create Intelligent Customer Communication Programs"

   31.  "Statistics and Statisticians in the 21st Century:
          In Appreciation of Herman Chernoff's Distinguished
	  Contributions and Unique Style as He Retires in 1997

	  Organizer: Arnie Goodman

		1.  Emanuel Parzen, Texas A&M University
			"Data Mining, Statistical Methods Mining,
			 and History of Statistics"
		2.  Anne C. Petersen, WK Kellogg Foundation
			"Using Statistics: The Perspective From Funders
			 and Consumers"
		3.  Arnie Goodman, University of California at Irvine
			"Career Insurance for the 21st Century"

   39.  "Sampling and Time Series"
		1. David F. Findley and Bor-Chung Chen, U.S. Census Bureau
			"Novel Methods and Features in the Census Bureau's
			 X-12-ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment Program"
		2. Vicki Lancaster and Sallie Keller-McNulty, Kansas State Univ
			"The Use of Weighing Designs and Inverse Theory
			 on Composite Sampling Problems"
		3. Rong Chen and Thomas B. Fomby, Texas A&M University & SMU
			"Forecasting with Stable Seasonal Pattern Models with
			 an Application of Hawaiian Tourist Data"

F-P2 3:45 - 5:30

   17.  "Computing Issues in Environmental Statistics"
	Organizer/Chair:  Peter Guttorp, U Washington
		1. Wendy Meiring, Peter Guttorp, and Paul Sampson, UCAR/UWash
			"Computational Issues in Fitting Spatial Deformation
			 Models for Heterogeneous Spatial Correlation"
		2. Doug Nychka and Nancy Saltzman, NC State/NISS
			"Design and Evaluation of Networks
			   for Monitoring Air Quality"
		3. Colin Goodall, Health Process Management
		   Kanti V. Mardia, University of Leeds
			"Kriged Kalman Filering"

   29.  "Virtual Departments"
	Organizer:  Jan de Leeuw
		1.  Balasubramanian Narasimhan, Stanford University
			"Virtual Departments: The Technology"
		2.  Jan de Leeuw, UCLA
			"Teaching in the Virtual Department"
		3.  Tony Rossini, University of South Carolina
			"What Is There In Research?"

   27. "Hardware Architectures and Networks to Support Data Mining Applications"
	      Organizer:  Tony Elam and David Scott, Rice University
	      Chair:  Willy Zwaenepoel, CS and CITI, Rice University
		1. Arcot Rajasekar, San Diego Supercomputer Center
			(joint with Chaitan Baru, Richard Frost,
			 Richard Marciano, Reagan Moore, Mike Wan)
			"MDAS -- A Massive Data Analysis System"
		2.  Robert Hollebeek, U. Pennsylvania
			"Data Engines for Large Scale Mining"
		3.  Denise Moreau, Baylor College of Medicine


SATURDAY   May 17, 1997

S-A1 8:15 - 10:00

   40.  "Topics in Biomathematics and Biostatistics"
		1. Terry Therneau, Mayo Clinic
			"Cox Models for Subsampled Data"
		2. Babette A. Brumback and John A. Rice, Harvard & UC Berkeley
			"Smoothing Spline Models for Stratified
			 Longitudinal Data"
		3. William M. Sallas and Jerry R. Nedelman,
                               Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp
			"Selection of Covariates for Population
			 Pharmacokinetic Models"

   13.  "Highlights of JCGS"
	Organizer: Bill Kennedy
	Session Chair:  Sallie Keller-McNulty, Kansas State Univ

		1. David Marchette and Ed Wegman, NSWC and GMU
			"Finding Modes with the Filtered Kernel Estimator"
		2. Michael O'Connell and Russell Wolfinger
		            Becton Dickinson and SAS
			"Flexible Response Surface Methods via Spatial
			Regression and EBLUPS"
		3. Russell G. Almond and David Madigan, ETS and U Washington
			"Visual Explanation Tools for Graphical Models"

   37.   "Smoothing"
		1. Jeff Simonoff, New York University
			"Three Sides of Smoothing:  Categorical Data Smoothing,
			 Nonparametric Regression, and Density Estimation"
		2.  Lasse Holmstrom, University of Helsinki, Finland
			"The Error and the Computational Complexity of
			 a Multivariate Binned Kernel Density Estimator"
		3.  Michael D. Lock, Douglas Haney, and Michael E. Tarter
		                 Becton Dickinson and UC Berkeley
			"Using Weighted, Smooth Quantile Estimates to
			 Establish Medical Normal Ranges"
S-A2 10:30 - 12:15

   23.  "Bayesian Methods"
		1. Sid Chib, Washington University
			"On Computing Model Evidence by Markov
			 Chain Monte Carlo"
		2. Luke Tierney, University of Minnesota
			"Some Adaptive Monte Carlo Methods
			 for Bayesian Inference"
		3. David M. Higdon, Duke University
			"A Process-Convolution Approach for Spatial Modeling"

    6.  "Neural Nets and Pattern Recognition"
		1. Trevor Hastie, Stanford University
			"Polychotomus Classifiers and PACTS"
		2. John Elder, Chief Scientist, Quantitative Solutions
			"Fusing Diverse Algorithms"
		3. Brian Ripley, University of Oxford
			"Can Statistical Theory Help Us
			 Use Neural Nets Better?"

   12.  "Linking Software for Environmental and Spatial Data Sets"
		1. Daniel B. Carr, George Mason University
		   Anthony R. Olsen, US EPA
		   Jean-Yves (Pip) Courbois, Oregon State University
		   Suzanne Pierson, OAO Corporation, Corvallis, OR
			"Linking Statistical Summaries and Maps:  An
			 Approach to Understanding Massive Spatial Data Sets"
		2.  Juergen Symanzik, Thomas Koetter, Swetlana Schmelzer, 
		     Sigbert Klinke, Dianne Cook, Debby Swayne
		             Iowa State, Humboldt University, Bellcore
			"Spatial Data Analysis in the Dynamically Linked
			 ArcView/XGobi/XploRe Environment"
		3. Jerry Whittaker and David Scott, ERS/USDA and Rice Univ
			"Applications of the Averaged Shifted Histogram
			in Environmental Economics"

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