April 21, 1997 (last updated)
4/3, 3/21 (previous updates) CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS (Please advise of any mistakes or omissions) Organizer: David W. Scott Program Committee: David W. Scott, Rice University Wendy Poston, NSWC Steve Marron, UNC Chapel Hill Joan Staniswalis, UT El Paso Kathryn Roeder, Carnegie-Mellon Keynote Speaker: John Hartigan, Yale University "Looking for Modes --- An Overview" Other Leaders/Speakers: Hans-Georg Mueller, UC Davis "The Emergence of Non-Smoothness" Invited Speakers: Adrian Bowman, U. of Glasgow (joint with M.C. Jones and I. Gijbels) "Testing Monotonicity of Regression" Ming-Yen Cheng, ANU "An Empirical Approach to Estimate Unimodal Density Functions" Shean-Tsong Chiu, Colorado State University "On the Practical Advantage of Higher Order Kernels" Olga Cordero-Brana, American University "Bayesian Restoration Maximization Algorithm for Estimation in Mixture Models" Mark Farmen, Ohio State University (joint with J. Fan and I. Gijbels) "Local Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Inference" John Hartigan, Yale University "Modelets" Nancy Heckman, British Columbia "Bump Hunting Using Model-Based Penalized Least Squares" Alfred Lin(*), Catherine A. Sugar(*), Stanford University (joint work with Richard A. Olshen) "Medical Applications of Cluster Analysis" David Marchette, Naval Surface Warfare Center "Visualizing Structure With Trees and Forests" Marianthi Markatou, Columbia University "Identification of Outliers and Clusters using Weighted Likelihood Methodology" Steve Marron, UNC Chapel Hill, (joint with P. Chaudhuri) "Structure Exploration in Smoothing and Scale Space Theory from Computer Vision" Michael Minnotte, Utah State University "Local Testing of Mode Existence" Todd Ogden, South Carolina "Wavelets in Bayesian Change-point Analysis" new 4/21 Wolfgang Polonik, Heidelberg, Germany "Using Level Set Estimators in Statistical Analysis" Brian Ripley, Oxford "Mixtures in Supervised Classification" Steve Sain, Southern Methodist University "Exploring the Potential of Locally Adaptive Density Estimation" Bill Schucany, Southern Methodist University (joint with Pat Gerard) "Using local polynomials to identify jumps, troughs, and shoulders: An application to cold tolerance features of plants" Jeff Solka, Naval Surface Warfare Center "Techniques for Mixture Structure Analysis Using Adaptive Mixtures Density Estimation" Jiayang Sun, Case Western Reserve "Bump Hunting Problems: A New Test" George Terrell (joint work with Donggeon Kim) "Least-Squares Mixture Decomposition" Frederic Udina, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (joint work with Enno Mammen and Steve Marron) "Interactive Mode Testing" Yazhen Wang, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia: "Rough Function Estimation via Wavelets" Short Talks Ernan Haruvy, University of Texas "Testing Modes in the Population Distribution of Beliefs From Experimental Games" David W. Scott and W. Szewczyk, Rice and DoD, TBA Other Participants: (growing list) Dennis Cox, Rice University James Garrett, Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems Pat Gerard, Mississippi State University (co-author Schucany) Birgit Grund, University of Minnesota Ernan Haruvy, Dept econ, UTexas Lasse Holmstrom, University of Helsinki Atsuyuki Kogure, Chiba University Michael Lock, Becton Dickinson Kevin Lynch, U of Pittsburgh Judy Palmer, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Emanuel Parzen, Texas A&M Carey Priebe, Johns Hopkins University John Salch, Rice University Michael Schimek, Graz, Austria William Szewczyk, DOD Michael Trosset, U. Arizona Berwin Turlach, ANU Bradley C. Wallet, NSWC Ed Wegman, George Mason University Young Researchers: David Andrews, Rice University Nancy Glenn, Rice University Pat King, Rice University Chad Shaw, Rice University John Venier, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center ADD NAMES pankratz...etc Note: Kathryn Roeder, one of our able organizers, cannot attend due to other commitments. Thanks for all your help.

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