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	David W. Scott

Program Committee:

	David W. Scott, Rice University
	Wendy Poston, NSWC
	Steve Marron, UNC Chapel Hill
	Joan Staniswalis, UT El Paso
	Kathryn Roeder, Carnegie-Mellon

Sunday, May 11, 1997

        Registration:  6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
	Mixer:  7:30 - 10:00 p.m.

Monday, May 12

 8:00   Registration
 8:45	Opening:  Michael Carroll, Dean of Engineering
 9:00   Keynote:  John Hartigan, Yale University
		"Looking for Modes --- An Overview"
10:00	Break
10:30	David Marchette, Naval Surface Warfare Center
		"Visualizing Structure With Trees and Forests"
11:00	Frederic Udina, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
			(joint work with Enno Mammen and Steve Marron)
		"Interactive Mode Testing"
11:30	George Terrell (joint work with Donggeon Kim)
		"Least-Squares Mixture Decomposition"
12:00	Lunch
 2:00	Hans-Georg Mueller, UC Davis
		"The Emergence of Non-Smoothness"
 3:00	Bill Schucany, Southern Methodist University (joint with Pat Gerard)
		"Using local polynomials to identify jumps, troughs,
		 and shoulders: An application to cold tolerance
		 features of plants"
 3:30	Break
 4:00	Steve Marron, UNC Chapel Hill, (joint with P. Chaudhuri)
		"Structure Exploration in Smoothing and 
		 Scale Space Theory from Computer Vision"
 4:45   Shean-Tsong Chiu, Colorado State University
                "On the Practical Advantage of Higher Order Kernels"
 5:05	Discussion/small groups
 5:45	Close
 6:30 - 9:30  Conference Dinner:  Rice Faculty Club
            Open Bar 6:30 - 7:15  Bluegrass Band
	    Dinner   7:15 - 8:15  Dinner
	    Address  8:15 - 8:45  Emanuel Parzen
	         "Teaching Smoothing in Introductory Statistics"

Tuesday	May 13

 9:00	Michael Minnotte, Utah State University
		"Local Testing of Mode Existence"
 9:30	Wolfgang Polonik, Heidelberg, Germany
		"Using Level Set Estimators in Statistical Analysis"
10:10	Break
10:40	Adrian Bowman, U. of Glasgow (joint with M.C. Jones and I. Gijbels)
		"Testing Monotonicity of Regression"
11:10	Alfred Lin(*), Catherine A. Sugar(*), Stanford University
	             (joint work with Richard A. Olshen)
		"Medical Applications of Cluster Analysis"
11:40	Ernan Haruvy, University of Texas
		"Testing Modes in the Population Distribution
		 of Beliefs From Experimental Games"
12:00	Lunch
 2:00	Mark Farmen, Ohio State University (joint with J. Fan and I. Gijbels)
		"Local Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Inference"
 2:30	Steve Sain, Southern Methodist University
                "Exploring the Potential of Locally Adaptive
		 Density Estimation"
 3:00	Break
 3:30	Olga Cordero-Brana, American University
		"Bayesian Restoration Maximization Algorithm for
		 Estimation in Mixture Models"  4-18
 4:00	Marianthi Markatou, Columbia University
		"Identification of Outliers and Clusters using
		 Weighted Likelihood Methodology"
 4:30	Brian Ripley, Oxford
	        "Mixtures in Supervised Classification"
 5:00	Discussion/small groups
 5:45	Close

Wednesday  May 14

 9:00	John Hartigan, Yale University
 9:30	Todd Ogden, South Carolina
		"Wavelets in Bayesian Change-point Analysis"
10:00	Break
10:30	Ming-Yen Cheng, ANU
		"An Empirical Approach to Estimate Unimodal Density Functions"
11:00	Nancy Heckman, British Columbia
		"Bump Hunting Using Model-Based Penalized Least Squares"
11:30	Jiayang Sun, Case Western Reserve
		"Bump Hunting Problems:  A New Test"
12:00	Lunch
 2:00	Yazhen Wang, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia:
		 "Rough Function Estimation via Wavelets"
 2:30	Jeff Solka, Naval Surface Warfare Center
		"Techniques for Mixture Structure Analysis
		 Using Adaptive Mixtures Density Estimation"
 3:00	David W. Scott and W. Szewczyk, Rice and DoD
 3:20	Wrap-up
 4:00	Close

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