1998 JSM Program Committee Meeting Deadlines (subject to revision 8-13-97)

August 14, 1997         Meeting of the 1998 Program Committee in Anaheim (7:30-11:30 a.m.)

October 31, 1997	Finalization of allocated Invited Sessions.  Final
                        and complete Invited Session Format Sheets (or via www) to
                        David Scott. Titles and abstracts for all speakers required.
                        (Deallocation of incomplete sessions.)

November 12, 1997	Email submission from ASA Section Program Chairs of proposals
                        to be considered for the 10 unallocated ASA Invited Session slots.
                        Sessions will be distributed to the entire Program Committee for

November 19, 1997	Vote due for proposals for 10 unallocated ASA Invited Sessions.

November 26, 1997	Winning session format sheets due.  Distribution of the preliminary 
                        Invited Session Program to the JSM committee for review, resolution of 
                        participant conflicts, and identification of sessions for co-sponsorship.

January 9, 1998         Return preliminary Invited Session Programs with corrections and co-
                        sponsorship information to David Scott.  (Probably via www.)

February 1, 1998	ASA deadline for abstracts of contributed papers and posters, including 
                        special contributed and non-lunch roundtables.

February 20, 1998	Fully organized Roundtable and other Luncheons to ASA office.

February 23-24, 1998	JSM Program Committee Meeting to organize and schedule the 
                        contributed program.  Meeting in Alexandria, VA.  Attendance critical!

March 23, 1998          Full preliminary program to Program Committee for proof reading.

April 1, 1998		Corrected program to ASA office (AMSTAT NEWS version).

May 15, 1998		Last day for revisions (only) to abstract to be received by ASA.

June 1, 1998		All manuscript drafts (invited and contributed) to program chairs.

June 15, 1998		Contact ASA office with final program corrections and list of authors who 
                        did not make the June 1 deadline.  (This is for deletion from the program.)

July 24, 1998		Deadline for materials to discussants as appropriate.

August 9-13, 1998	1998 JSM in Dallas, Texas.

Email us at jsm98@stat.rice.edu
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