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Sponsor(s): Sponsoring Section/Society: ASA Quality and Productivity

Session Time: 2:00- 3:50 Tuesday

Estimated Audience Size: xx-xxx

A/V Request: xxx

Panel Session Title: Lessons Learned From Six Sigma: The Power of Statistical Thinking

Theme Session: No $\quad$ Applied Session: Yes

Organizer: Hoerl, Roger W.  

Session Timing: Opening Remarks - 5 minutes Overview of Six Sigma - 10 minutes Motorola and Polaroid Experience - 20 minutes Allied Experience - 20 minutes GE Experience - 20 minutes Discussant - 20 minutes Floor Discussion - 15 minutes

Chair: Hare, Lynne  

$\quad$ Zinkgraf, Steve  

$\quad$ Hill, Bill  

$\quad$ Zinkgraf, Steve  

$\quad$ Hoerl, Roger W.  

$\quad$ Hahn, Gerald  

Discussant: Snee, Ron  

David Scott