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Sponsor(s): Sponsoring Section/Society: ENAR

Session Time: 10:30-12:20 Wednesday

Estimated Audience Size: 60-80

A/V Request: Two Overheads

Session Title: Affecting Policy through Environmental Statistics

Organizer: Ryan, Louise M.  

Session Timing: Chair - 5 minutes First Speaker - 25 minutes (including 3 minutes questions) Second Speaker - 25 minutes Third Speaker - 25 minutes Discussant - 15 minutes Floor Discusion - 15 minutes

Chair: Young, Linda J.  

1. Dose-Rate Considerations in Risk Assessment: Statistical Models and Policy Implications $\quad$ Williams, Paige L.  

2. Mechanistic Modeling in Environmental Policy: Challenges for Statistics $\quad$ Portier, Christopher J.  

3. Regulating the Effects of Commercial Salmon Net Fisheries on Protected Seabirds $\quad$ Conquest, Loveday L.  

$\quad$ Melvin, Edward F.  

Discussant: Ross, N. Phillip  

List of speakers who are nonmembers: None

David Scott