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Sponsor(s): National Institute of Statistical Sciences

Session Time: 10:30-12:20 Wednesday

Estimated Audience Size: xx-xxx

A/V Request: xxx

Session Title: Theoretical and Methodological Issues Arising from NISS Research

Theme Session: Yes/No $\quad$ Applied Session: Yes/No

Organizer: Karr, Alan F.  

Session Timing: Opening Remarks by Chair - 5 or 0 minutes First Speaker - 30 minutes (or 25) Second Speaker - 30 minutes Third Speaker - 30 minutes Discussant - 10 minutes (or none) Floor Discusion - 10 minutes (or 5 or 15)

Chair: Karr, Alan F.  

1. Statiatical Questions for Freeway Traffic: Travel Time Estimation and Prediction, Incident Detection and Origin/Destination Tables $\quad$ Bickel, Peter J.  

$\quad$ Rice, John  

$\quad$ Ritov, Yaacov  

$\quad$ Petty, Karl  

2. Combining Toxicological Information $\quad$ Simpson, Douglas  

$\quad$ Carroll, Raymond J.  

$\quad$ Xie, Minge  

3. Reconstruction of Contingency Tables $\quad$ West, Mike  

$\quad$ Tebadi, Claudia  

List of speakers who are nonmembers: None

David Scott