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Sponsor(s): ASA Statistical Education Section

Session Time: 4:00-5:50 Sunday

Estimated Audience Size: 125-175

A/V Request: Two Overheads

Session Title: Making Statistics Accessible to Students With Disabilities

Theme Session: Yes $\quad$ Applied Session: Yes

Organizer: Blumberg, Carol Joyce  

Session Timing: Opening Remarks by Chair - 5 minutes First Speaker - 40 minutes Second Speaker - 40 minutes Floor Discusion - 25 minutes

Chair: Blumberg, Carol Joyce  

1. Access Through Science: Opening the Profession to Students With Disabilities $\quad$ Preston, Carol  

2. Making Statistics Courses More Accessible to Students with Disabilities $\quad$ Kroeger, Sue Ann  

List of speakers who are nonmembers: Carol Preston, Sue Ann Kroeger

David Scott