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Sponsor(s): Sponsoring Section/Society: WNAR

Session Time: 10:30-12:20 Thursday

Estimated Audience Size: xx-xxx

A/V Request: xxx

Session Title: Application of Adaptive Cluster Sampling to Biological Populations

Theme Session: No $\quad$ Applied Session: Yes

Organizer: Lo, Nancy C.H.  

Session Timing: Opening Remarks by Chair - 5 minutes First Speaker - 25 minutes Second Speaker - 25 minutes Third Speaker - 25 minutes Discussion lead by Discussant - 20 minutes Floor Discussion lead by Chair - 10 minutes

Chair: Lo, Nancy C.H.  

1. Restricted Adaptive Cluster Sampling $\quad$ Brown, Jennifer  

2. Sequential Sampling Designs to Estimate Abundance of Rare Populations $\quad$ Christman, Mary C.  

3. Observations of a Practicing Adaptive Sampler: Lessons Learned, Conclusions Drawn, and Questions Remaining $\quad$ Smith, David R.  

Discussant: Thompson, Steve K.  

List of speakers who are nonmembers: None ????

David Scott