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Session Slot: 2:00- 3:50 Monday

Estimated Audience Size: 100

AudioVisual Request: xxx

Session Title: The Role and Status of Women in Statistics Profession

In this session, opportunities and challenges for female statisticians will be discussed. The speakers will examine the issue from the aspects of academia, industry and government. Dr. Olkin will begin the presentation from the academia point of view. He will review the problems with evaluation procedures, the shortage of tenured women faculty in statistics department, and why women aren*t chosen for key jobs, etc. Ms. Chen will present the ratio of male/female statisticians and other relevant statistics in the industrial setting, followed by the discussions centering in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the contract research organization (CRO). Specific issues for female statisticians in the environment will be discussed. Dr. Clark will show that in the U. S. Federal Government, the skills and efforts of women statisticians have been well recognized and therefore, the opportunities for women statisticians have been greatly expanded. She will investigate how women have benefited from the changes and have become leaders in the federal statistical agencies. Specific examples will be given. At the end of the session, Dr. Billard will summarize the three presentations and give an insight discussion on some specific issues.

Theme Session: Yes

Applied Session: Yes

Session Organizer: Ju, Huey Lin National Chengchi University/ Visiting Stanford University 1997/98

Address: 1189 Fynes Ct., San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: (408)4375772

Fax: (408)4375772


Session Timing: 110 minutes total (Sorry about format):

110 minutes total to be split up Opening Remarks by Chair - 0 First Speaker - 30 minutes Second Speaker -30 minutes Third Speaker - 30 minutes Discussant - 15 minutes (or none) Floor Discussion - 5 minutes

Session Chair: Ju, Huey Lin National Chengchi University/ Visiting Stanford University 1997/98

Address: 1189 Fynes Ct., San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: (408)4375772

Fax: (408)4375772


1. The Status of Women in Academic Statistics

Olkin, Ingram,   Stanford University

Address: Department of Statistics Sequoia Hall Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-4065

Phone: (650 7252245

Fax: (650)7258977


Abstract: We review the status of women in academia in therms of tennured faculty and in terms of involvement in societal activities, and some aspects of a mentoring program. A probabilistic analysis of the mechanism by which candidates are chosen on shortlists of candidates will also be presented.

2. Opportunities and Challenges for Women in the Pharmaceutical (CRO) Industry

Chen, Mon-Gy,   Covance, Inc.

Address: 210 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: (609)4524564

Fax: (609)9879048

Abstract: In the past decade, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone many changes such as reengineering due to health care reform. These changes offer Contract Research Organization (CRO) great opportunities and challenges in drug research and development. The primary responsibility of CRF is to provide pharmaceutical companies technical expertise and efficient project management to speed up the drug development and approval. In this presentation, the opportunities and challenges of female statisticians in pharmaceutical industry, especially the CRO industry, will be discussed.

3. Career Opportunities for Statisticians in Federal Statistical Agencies

Clark, Cynthia Z.F.,   Bureau of the Census

Address: Methodology and Standard Bureau of the Census Washington, D.C. 20233

Phone: (301) 4572160

Fax: (301)4571902

Email: Cynthia_Z_f_clark@Census.Gov

Abstract: Across most disciplines and job classifications, the U.S. Federal Government has played a lead role in expanding opportunities for all individuals. Managers are required to consider fairly all individuals in all work settings. Women have particularly benefitted from this workforce policy. The opportunities for women statisticians and their influence expanded as their diverse skills became recognized in the workplace. Women have risen to the occasion and have become leaders in the Federal Statistical Agencies. This new management diversity continues to enhance the career development opportunities for both women and men in government statistics. This paper will provide specific examples of these opportunities.

Discussant: Billard, Lynne   University of Georgia

Address: Department of Statistics University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602-1952

Phone: (706)5423281

Fax: (706)5423391


List of speakers who are nonmembers: None

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