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Session Slot: Sunday, 4:30 - 7:00

AudioVisual Request: None

Session Organizer: Moreno, Jerry

Invited Poster Title: Linking Nursing Research Datasets to a Nursing Statistics Course through a Web Archive

Short, Thomas H.,   Villanova University

Address: Department of Mathematical Sciences Villanova University 800 Lancaster Ave. Villanova, PA 19085-1699

Phone: 610-519-6961

Fax: 610-519-6928


Fetter, Marilyn S., Villanova University

Abstract: Statistical consulting projects with researchers in the College of Nursing at Villanova have provided a pool of datasets that can be shared with students in a required statistics course for undergraduate Nursing majors.

Since the datasets tend to be large and unwieldly, we have installed them in a Web archive that allows students to select subsets of variables and observations that can be analyzed using tools learned in a first statistics course.

We will summarize the pedagogical issues involved in the use of the data archive, and review experiences we have had in our courses that use the archive.

David Scott