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Health Policy: Co-Sponsored by (TBA)

Session Slot: Sunday, 4:30 - 7:00

AudioVisual Request: None

Invited Poster Title: Issues in Case-Mix Adjustment of Measures of the Quality of Health Plans

Zaslavsky, Alan,  





Abstract: In a health care environment increasingly dominated by managed care, measurements of the quality of care provided by health plans are important tools for consumer and purchaser choice. Two important quality measurement tools are the CAHPS survey of health plan consumer satisfaction, and the HEDIS data set, which compiles rates at which essential preventative services are provided to health plan consumers. Because the health plans may select for patients with different characteristics, comparisons between plans should be adjusted to allow for the effects of case mix on plan ratings. Results for case-mix adjustment of CAHPS and HEDIS are reported. Some issues of methodology and interpretation are considered, including the use of ecological variables for case mix, the implications of nonparallelism of the case-mix regressions, and presentation of the magnitude of the case-mix effects.

Theme Session: No

Applied Session: No

David Scott