Submitting/Updating Your Invited Paper Sessions

Deadline for Completion: October 31, 1997

Online Invited Paper Updating

Given below is a form by which you can submit as much information as you have about ALL of your invited paper sessions. Your new submissions will be checked and posted quickly. You can see the file names of all your sessions by clicking on the "View Invited Program Sessions" content selection. This will include an index of the names of all invited speakers that everyone has lined up. (Remember, an individual can serve as invited speaker or discussant only once in the entire invited program.)

You may edit or cut/paste the text inside the window below and then press SUBMIT button at the bottom to send it. The submitter should edit the information inside the curly brackets. (We will add other information such as complete mailing addresses later.) Confirmation of receipt of the abstract will be sent to the email address you provide.

Download text version of the tex form
Download long version of tex form

Note: Until further notice, please use Netscape when posting your session. We are experiencing technical difficulties with some other browsers. If so, download the tex form and submit by email.

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