Rice University
Statistical Consulting Lab


About the SCL

Mission: The Statistical Consulting Lab (SCL) at Rice University has been established to advance, promote and support the use of statistical methodologies within the Rice research community.

Goal: To this end, the underlying goal of the Statistical Consulting Lab is to serve the Rice community in two broad fashions: first, as an informational and technical service for the available statistical resources found on the university's computing system, and second, to bring together those using statistical methods across the university for interaction and cross pollination of research ideals.

In order to meet its service goal, the SCL performs a variety of functions, many in conjunction with Information Services, focusing on the technological support of current statistical software available on the University's statistical server Vet. The SCL also augments the activities of the Department of Statistics to integrate those employing statistical methodologies in various departments into a connected community. These functions include:

By providing these services, the SCL hopes to promote and broaden the application of statistics within the university.

Rice University Statistical Consulting Lab