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Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

Approximation theory of method of regularization: applications, Contemporary Mathematics 59 105-123.

The significance of sources of temporal variability of lead in corrosion evaluation and monitoring program design, with Michael R. Schock and Ronnie Levin, Proceedings of American Water Works Association Water Quality Technology Conference, Nov. 13 - 17, 1988, St. Louis, MO, American Water Works Association, Denver, CO, 729-745.

Tuning a complex computer code to data, with Jeong Soo Park, Jerome Sacks, and Clifford E. Singer, Proceedings on the 23rd Symposium of the Interface of Computer Science and Statistics, April 21 - 24, 1991, Seattle, WA, Interface Foundation, Fairfax Station, VA, 266 - 271.

A Statistical Method for Global Optimization, with Susan John, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, vol. 2, Oct. 18 - 21, 1992, Chicago, IL, Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc., 1241 - 1246.

Dennis Cox
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