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Homework Policy:

You may discuss the material relating to the homework with your fellow students in generality.  When you actually write up your solutions, you must do this by yourself. The objective is to allow you to learn from interactions with fellow students, but to avoid direct copying of solutions. Common solutions will be considered evidence of copying.

You may not look at the solutions (including old solutions, or solutions posted online at another website) UNTIL you have handed in your homework.

Late homeworks will be accepted until the next lecture with 50% off.

If you need an extension on a homework, contact Dr. Cox by email to request on extension at least one day prior to the due date.

For all exercises involving numerical computations, you should use R.

Note:  Homeworks are posted on this website as a convenience only. Failure of the homework assignment to appear on the website does not constitute valid grounds for handing in the homework late.

Homework Assignments:

  1. Homework 1:     1.9, 1.10, 1.12, 1.29, 1.32. Now Due Fri. Aug. 31.
  2. Homework 2:     2.15, 2.24, 2.25, 2.30. Due Wed. Sep. 12.
  3. Homework 3:     3.7, 3.16, 3.19, 3.31, 3.34, 3.39. Now Due Fri. Sep. 21.

Homework Solutions:

  1. Solutions to Homework 1
  2. Solutions to Homework 2

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