Prota Challenge - 7th Eubank Conference on Real World Markets

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Who is eligible to participate in the Prota Challenge?
How do we enter the Challenge?
What details need to be included in the prospectus to determine eligibility?
How many people are allowed on each research team?
How will we know if we are selected to present our poster?
What is an example of the sort of reasoning needed for this year's challenge?
What is a "poster?"
What are the dimensions of the poster?
Who will print the poster?
How will we display the poster?
Will electricity be available in case we want to use a projector system to animate our poster.
When will we set up for the session?
What sort of guidance will the judges or sponsors give to our team about the progress of our research?
Who must present the poster?
What is the physical address for the Conference?
What are the judging criteria?
Who will be the judges?
Where can I find additional information about the Conference?
Are there any resources to help in the preparation of the poster?
Who will retain the intellectual property rights to the ideas presented at the Conference?

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