Management 627, Enterprise Exchange

Case Submission Guidelines


January 26, 2006



General Guidelines - Mechanics




Excellence Guidelines - Concepts
















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General Guidelines - Mechanics



               Prefer COVERPAGE, with names.

               Prefer NOT double-space unless its really short

               English - Well-written. Spelling (principle). Put Heroes first.

               EEW's questions: literal vs. creatively address

               Observe Prof. Williams' direction regarding length

               Exhibits: Material, referenced

               Avoid excessive use of $$$$$$

               Try to use larger font for spreadsheets


Excellence Guidelines - Concepts


               Trying to do the Deal

               Alternative Valuation Techniques

               Proformas - BS, IS, CF
Include the Deal

               Financing Alternatives


               Amortization Tables - Helps grade and helps student avoid mistakes

               Sensitivity Analysis

               Discount Rates

o    WACC

o    Premia/Discount

o    WAG

               Operational Plan

               Return on Investment and Exit Strategy

               Tax Treatment for Exit Strategy