Stat280 Fall 2004
                        Final Grade Policies and Listing

                    S01073331 A
                    S0817371 D-
                    S01072256 A-
                    S00997700 B-
                    S00994880 B-
                    S01072952 A
                    S00828681 A
                    S01072354 B-
                    S01072352 A-
                    S01072856 C+
                    S00952237 A-
                    S00945928 A-
                    S01071501 A
                    S01002378 C+
                    S00936484 C+
                    S01038161 C
                    S01021936 A-
                    S00977771 B
                    S01072940 A
                    S01072718 B
                    S00900787 B+
                    S00820861 B+
                    S00812306 B
                    S00930536 A+
                    S00920365 B-
                    S00998729 A-
                    S01072790 A
                    S01072159 A
                    S00967609 A
                    S00861534 A-
                    S00952822 A+
                    S01073033 B+
                    S01016324 D+
                    S00958307 A
                    S00881136 A
                    S00997168 B-
                    S01073016 A
                    S00981235 A-
                    S00945972 A+
                    S01072502 B
                    S00975195 B-
                    S01004998 A-
                    S00959975 A
                    S01073689 B
                    S00850420 B
                    S01031118 A
                    S01072094 A+
                    S00869661 A

Homework Grading Policy.
Due to some discrepancies between the grader/labbie records, and some students who are sure they submitted the assignments, and due to holiday largess, I am dropping the lowest homework score, and averaging based on N=8 instead of N=9.  Thus if you only turned in 5 homeworks and made 100 on each, the homework final average will be 62.5 instead of 55.5%, almost a 13% freebie!  This resulted in an mean/median increase of 4.0/4.2 points (sd=1.9). You might wish to see a PLOT of an investigation into the benefit of this policy.

Excluding all the ZEROS, 5-number summaries are:

 Min. 1st Qu. Median  Mean   3rd Qu. Max. Before Dropping Lowest Score
 37    74.6    89.7   82.82   92.9 98.8

 Min. 1st Qu. Median  Mean   3rd Qu. Max. After Dropping Lowest Score
 41.6  80.35   92.8   86.75   95.93 99.8

Labs - Great going on these!
 Min. 1st Qu. Median  Mean    3rd Qu. Max.
  35   94.72   96.9   93.87   97.93   99.6

Test 1 Grading Policy - We've beat this one to death.  After all the extra credit:

 Min. 1st Qu. Median  Mean   3rd Qu.  Max.
 58    86.5     97    93.73   100.5  105.8

Test 2 Grading Policy.
There are a total of 96 points on the test; so if you made 50 points, the score for the test is 52.1%

I used a computer to add up any numbers so I didn't make arithmetic errors on the grades.

 Min.   1st Qu. Median  Mean   3rd Qu. Max.
 26.5   47.78   64.05   61.04   74.38  95.8

For the INDIVIDUAL QUESTIONS, median scores (in points) were:

1. 2. 3. 4. EC1 EC2
--- --- --- --- --- ---
24 22 25 25 5 5 #Maximum Possible
14 20 18 9 0 2.5 #Median score

It is clear problem 2 was "easier" than problem 1, but the median score was more thean 50%.  We can also see how most people ran out of time after problem 3.

        Problem 1 (Multiple choice):
        # 1 was thrown out since it was misleading.

        Problem 2 (Multiple choice):
        #8 skipped because it could have been confusing.
        #13 was skipped because it might have be too hard to remember.

If you got these problems correct you were given 1 credit, which would offset any other problem that you missed, or which was added to the final score.

Problem 3:  
On this problem, although there was not time to do both sets of estimates, in order to properly scale the grades we only count off 1 point (out of 4) is both sets of estimates are not completed (parts a, b).  Could give full credit if any is correctly done, but will normalize after all the grades are in.

In part (e), there are some common wrong approaches which are also included, which resulted in accepting Ho.

Lab 99 - Generously Graded
 Min. 1st Qu. Median  Mean   3rd Qu. Max.
 79      89     91    91.07    95    95