Management 627/927, Enterprise Exchange Resources

This page provides resources and other material to help students in MGMT 927/627 case writeups and statistical analysis.

  • Supplemental Materials. These are examples and other helps to provide perspective on the enterprise exchange process.
  • Case Submission Guidelines

    Morgan Stanley's Valuation of Unocal   for the Chevron-Texaco merger.

  • Case Analysis Summaries. These provide a summary of what all the groups submitted for valuations and approaches in their case write-ups. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.
  • Paint-Pen

    Commercial Fixtures

    Allen Lane


    Eller Media -

    Consolidations based on Service Corporation International (SCI, NYSE)

  • Texotape Posting.

    SUPER SECRET sample Textotape case for use for studying for the Final 11/04.
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