News of Interest to Statisticians

Honduran exodus through Mexico Confidence interval for percent of women and children in the march

Syria War Poll 2-day poll on Drudgereport ending 9/2/13 (more or less); z*=1.96 or z*=2.5758

How Hamas Won   when non-Hamas candidates received 64% of the Palestinian voters.

Large Units In The Indian Traditional Numbering System

All Hurricanes, 1851-2004 (Map)

The Effects Of Government-Issued Terror Warnings On Presidential Approval Ratings, Willer, Robb; Current Research in Social Psychology v10, #1 (2004).

Probability of Two Eclipses in Ramadan

Probability of Tomahawk into Al Rashid Hotel

Probability of Coincident Drills

Trials and Experiments

Normal Q-Q Plots - How to Read

Normal Q-Q Plots and Luck of the Draw

Difference between Distributions for X and X_bar

Followup on Bonds

Shooting Star pattern  Note, these are not pure, they do not only use RED.

Distribution of First Letters

Pringle's Autism/Thimerosal

Physicians and General Public on Favoring Mandatory HIV Testing

Scratch.pdfData reduction; IQR; time series (EQ), How to misrepresent using Charts