STAT 385: Methods Of Data Analysis And System Optimization

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1/11/11: WELCOME to STAT 385!   Please note that we WILL be using OWL-Space for this course; a login link is at the top and to the right. this page is maintaned for backup purposes.

Homework Assignments

Please see Owl-Space

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ - Homework and Lab Policy   The rules for homework and other submissions are fairly strict. Please familiarize yourself with these.

Laboratory/Team Project Assignments


Occasionally a dedicated Lab will be assigned. Weekly lab time is set aside for you to work on and receive help on homework and team projects.

Team Project.

There will be at least one team project. You will be expected to turn in a written report, and provide a team oral presentation during class. In some instances, you may be allowed to pick your team, and in others will be assigned. The size of each team will be limited to an appropriate number.

Lecture Notes

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  • Other Important Links (besides those above)

    Textbook Software Download  This is the software for REVISED 3rd Edition textbook, i.e., the software for Excel 2007 and later. You will need the textbook index in order to satisfy the challenge question. The index is posted on the Owlspace site in case you need it.

    Textbook Website  Student resources; not much here, it is mostly on the included CD that comes with the text. There are some supplements and a link to the authors website.

    Authors' Website  Useful stuff here. Remember we are using the Revised Third edition.

    Dr. Dobelman's Downloads