MBA/MIB 5315 Statistical Methods for Management Decisions
Section C

Time:               MW 1730-1845 

Location:          ROB B114 

Course Text:    Business Statistics, a Decision-Making Approach, 5th ed., David Groebner,

                        P. Shannon, P. Fry, K. Smith, Prentice Hall, NY., 2001, ISBN: 0130108561


Instructor:                                                                       Course Website:

Dr. John A. Dobelman                                                     http://www.tba

Welder Hall  219 cubicle 3, 713 525 3132 x5983# –or- 713 348 5369

Office Hours:   Negotiable, by appointment.  Monday/Wednesday 7:15-8:00 p.m.



Course Description:

This course is designed to introduce the student to statistical methodology useful for data analysis and managerial decision-making.  Emphasis will be placed on applications through working examples and computer-assisted data analysis in lab sessions.


Course Content:  Chapters 1–9 of text plus special topics, Possible other real-life data project(s)


Ch 1,2              data, graphs, determinism vs. stochasticity, populations vs. samples,  experimental design, sampling, inference, bivariate data; scatterplots,  least squares regression and correlation

Ch 3                 data reduction, descriptive statistics, "normal" distribution

Ch 4                 randomness, probability concepts, random variables (r.v.'s), distribution  moments (mean, variance, etc.); discrete models

Ch 5                 continuous probability models

Ch 6,7              sampling distributions, counts and proportions, point and interval  estimation: confidence, significance, statistical tests

Ch 8                 Introduction to hypothesis testing; power and inference, inference for  single populations

Ch 9                 Hypothesis testing and inference for two populations


                        Other Topics

Ch __              Introduction to Analysis of variance (ANOVA), two-factor analysis; Linear  regression, correlation analysis, causation, and data transformations

Ch __              multivariate (multiple) regression and ANOVA

Ch __              Good-of-fit tests, contingency analysis

Ch __              general categorical data analysis

Ch __              time series analysis and forecasting

Ch __              non-parametric statistics

Ch __              Quality control, statistical process control (SPC)

Ch __              decision analysis - uncertainty vs. risk, utility theory, game theory



Grading:  50% assignments, 50% examination.  Late policy: 20% penalty for HW turned in by next class; no credit for later than this.


Assignments (50%)

Homework:      25%

Final Project:    25%


Test/Quiz/Exam (50%)

Test 1:              15%

Test 2:              15%

Quizzes:           \

Final Exam:      /  20%




Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak with me during the first two weeks of class. All discussions will remain confidential. Students with disabilities may also contact the Director of Human Resources concerning an accommodation.