The good TRACE symbols are at the bottom of the page.  Spelling is not corrrected. Sorry.
However, these stories do make for moderatly interesting reading. -- JAD, 11/10/05


Century Communications - Not Public, Florida based cable alarm, not in TRACE.  

Eckerd Corporation - too fragmented to trace 9 1/4 debt due 9/15/05.  1996 JC Penney
                                acquired Eckerd for $3.3-billion; by 4/5/04, JCP announced it
                                agreed to sell long-struggling Eckerd for $4.5 billion, splitting
                                between CVS and Canadian Jean Coutu Group (JCOU).  Could follow
                                in JCP but this is not really good enough.

Food-4-Less - Too fragmented to determine serviceor of 10 4/9 debt due 4/15/00, if
                        it still existed in 2000.  In 1996, Food 4 Less was operating under
                        Ralph's, but which is owned by Yucaipa (private). It somehow became a
                        Fleming Foods company, but by late 2001 Flemings had filed for
                        bankruptcy protection.  However, by 2003 Flemings was acquiring more
                        Food 4 Less stores; yet, as of now selected Food 4 Less stores have been
                        acquired by: Albertsons, Festa Food Group, QVS Food Group, Fresh Brands,
                        Kroger, Metcalfe, Roundy's, and Save Mart Supermarkets.  The Food 4 Less
                        website takes you to Kroger.

Grand Union Co.(GUCO)- Not in TRACE because Emerged from 1st of 3 bankruptcies 6/19/05.
                                The 11 1/4% Senior Notes, 7/15/00, were exchanged pursuant to its
                                1995 Plan of Reorganization for 12% Senior Notes due 9/1/04.  The
                                12% bonds were trading around .50 in Summer 1998.  Final asset sale
                                in late 2000 to C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.  Sorry, bondholders.

Marvel Parent Holdings - M&A's -> ToyBiz -> Marvel Enterprises, but not in TRACE.

NL Industries, Inc. - Not in TRACE because 11 3/4% Senior Secured Notes due 10/15/03
                                UCC Discharged 6/28/02.

Payless Cashways, Inc. - Not in TRACE because under terms of 1997 reorg. plan, claims
                                by 9-1/8% senior subordinated notes received pro rata shares of
                                the 8,269,329 shares of New Common Stock of the newly reorganized
                                Company.  Unfortunately, 6/01 the new company filed chapter 11 again.

Service Merchandise - Ch 11, '01; Reorg plan of 4/03 provides that, among other things...
                                the 9% senior subordinated debentures due 2004, the common stock,
                                the preferred stock, and all ... shall be deemed canceled and of no
                                further force and effect.

Southland - FIPS Troubled, has to be 7-Eleven, Inc. None are in TRACE.  The 5%
                First Priority Senior Subordinated Debentures due 12/15/03, retired
                7/03 by proceeds of new Senior Subordinated Notes due 2010.  Could use
                permno 77015 (SVEV, SE, or SLCM) since ongoing concern, but none of these
                bonds are in TRACE either.

Trans World Airlines - 10% debt matured 1998.  Asset sale to AMR completed 2001, so there
                                is no servicing of TWA's debt by AMR.  Could use AMR bonds for the
                                paper but probably need to forget about this company.

NOTE on bankruptcy:  --------------------------------
After a company files for bankruptcy, its debt and equity securities will continue to trade so long as there's a market (i.e., willing buyers and sellers) for those securities. The New York Stock Exchange will -- as in all bankruptcy situations -- append a Q to the Company's stock symbol.  E.g., in a few days, the official symbol under which Service Merchandise's common stock trades will change from SME to SMEQ.

Wed, 2 Nov 2005 17:24:05 -0600 (CST)
To: Christopher Downing <> Cc: 'Barbara Ostdiek' <>
Subject: Re: Trace-related data request

Hi Chris, on the FIPS list you gave me, they had listed

55 on bonds
45 are unique issuers
29 are in TRACE as of 11/2/05, which includes those issuers acquired by
parents still in business (assuming these are servicing the debt), or
acquired again.

Probably 1/3 of remaining 16 companies might be salvageable based on
further study tomorrow (NOTE:  this is the "ticker" exercise...)

Thought you'd want to know.
On the original FIPS list we have companies (Issuers) whose bonds are not recorded in the TRACE database for the study period (trading 7/1/02-6/30-05).  Some of these are capturable by: tracking company bonds subsumed by an acquiring firm in a reorganization; company trading under a changed name;

The others we must conclude are not in the TRACE dataset because: they have matured prior to the study period; they were lost/settled in issuer bankruptcy;

------------------ D I S P O S I T I O N    N O T E S ------------------
                [Later Incorporated into oddballs.trace.txt]

Century Communications - Not Public, Florida based cable alarm.  
        By mid=2002, the severity of the telecommunications sector collapse is fully appreciated by looking at the default statistics for the sector. $26.1 billion of the $42.6 billion of defaults in the second quarter (61%) were by issuers in the telecommunications industry. On an issuer count basis, 19 of the 42 defaults (45%) were by telecommunications issuers. Through the first half of 2002, 55% of defaults by volume and 37% as a percentage of issuers have been telecommunications firms.  Century defaulted on some big bonds in 5/02:  
        Century Communications Corp. 5/15/02 $1,974.  Century Communications is your Digital Cable Entertainment, Internet Exploration and Home Security provider. We provide specific services to specific communities and contract with the Homeowner's Associations of those communities to provide a low cost bundled service package, as described herein.  NOTICE: Century Communications is a service provider to your community. We are NOT the provider of your home wiring, home network equipment or home warranty. Please contact your builder, HOA or low voltage vendor directly to discuss your options regarding these issues.

Clark Oil & Refining
Possible serviced by Trizec Properties Inc. (NYSE: TRZ; TZC-SV.TO TRIZEC CANADA INC Toronto)
75936 89693810 89693810 6552 TZH  TRIZEC HAHN CORP 19900115-20020507
82659 89693310 89693310 6531 TZC  TRIZEC LTD NEW 19951228-19961101
89379 89687P10 89687P10 6798 TRZ  TRIZEC PROPERTIES INC 20020508-20041231

Horsham Corporation: merged with Trizec Corporation Ltd. to form TrizecHahn Corporation.  TrizecHahn was created in November 1996 when Trizec Corp. merged with its largest shareholder, Horsham Corp. of Toronto. Horsham was a publicly traded company that made its money in mining and oil and then decided to invest in real estate.   But the new company's name does not reflect the merger with Horsham. The Hahn part of TrizecHahn came from California developer Ernie Hahn, who sold his portfolio to Trizec years ago.

Clark Refining & Marketing Inc. acquired by Horsham Corporation.  National Petroleum News; 11/1/1988: By the end of this month a Federal Court will rule whether Toronto-based Horsham Corp. can finalize the takeover of Clark Oil & Refining Co., the Midwest marketing subsidiary of bankrupt Apex Oil Co.   In an unusually complicated deal, Horsham will pay unsecured creditors of Clark Off $396-million. Under the proposed sale, Horsham would buy Clark-which represents three-quarters of Apex's book value-and other holdings of bankrupt Apex for $650-million in cash.  Currently, Clark owns a chain of mostly self service stations and two refineries in Illinois.

COLTEC INDUSTRIES INC 19920325-19990712
77473 19687910 19687910 3519 COT  COLTEC INDUSTRIES INC 19920325-19990712
Coltec Industries is a manufacturer of aerospace and government equipment, automotive parts and industrial equipment.  MERGER Agmt. NOVEMBER 22, 1998 THE B.F.GOODRICH COMPANY, RUNWAY ACQUISITION CORPORATION, AND COLTEC INDUSTRIES INC
12140 38238810  3760 GR  GOODRICH B F CO 19620702-20041231
12140 38238810 38238810 3760 GR  GOODRICH B F CO 19620702-20041231
Use Goodrich, assume it assumed the debt.

Container Corporation of America - This is a fun one.
Use Smurfit Stone.


16723 21074190  CNR  CONTAINER CORP AMER 19280331-19681129
13063 56631910  M    MONTGOMERY WARD & CO 19251231-19760730
13063 56631910  M  MARCOR INC 19251231-19760730

Montgomery Ward (M) merged with Container Corporation of America (CNR) in 1968 to become Marcor Inc., the new parent company of CCA and Montgomery Ward.  CCA became a division of Mobil Corporation in 1974 when Mobil acquired 54% voting shares of Marcor Inc.  Jefferson Smurfit (JS) Group founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1935;  In 1983 JS Group reorganizes its operations in the U.S. and becomes Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (JSC).  Mobil sold CCA in 1986, with JSC acquiring 50%, and the other 50% going to Morgan Stanley Leveraged Equity Fund  (MSLEF)-II.  JSC reorganizes as a private company in 1989, 50% owned by JS Group and 50% owned by MSLEF-II.  As part of the restructuring, JSC acquired the remainder of CCA. In 1994, JSC recapitalized as a publicly traded company.   JCS and Stone Container Corporation (SCC) merge 11/18/1998 to become Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation.  J.H. Stone & Company founded in Chicago in 1926, incorporating as SCC in 1945.  

CCA is best recognized as the now former public JCS, but which merged with SCC in 1998.

Factoid: Container Corp. of America (now a part of Smurfit) held a contest prior to Earth Day 1970 to select a recycling symbol.  The Mobius-loop symbol was chosen the winner and was submitted by a UC-Berkeley student (Gary Anderson?).  Subsequently, CCA used the logo but did not trademark it, and it thus ended up in the public domain.

1993 CCA settles in a superfund suit dating from at least 1989.

1994 DOJ EPA (312) 353-6196 CONTAINER CORPORATION OF AMERICA WILL PAY $3.1 MILLION TO SETTLE MIAMI COUNTY, OHIO SUPERFUND SITE CLEANUP CLAIMS WASHINGTON, D.C.--  The St. Louis-based Container Corporation of America (CCA) has agreed to settle its potential liability for the

30429 14899090  CCA  CATALIN CORP OF AMER 19620731-19660228
53970 20010110  CCA  COMBINED COMMUNICATIONS CORP 19720131-19790629
67205 22133710  CCA  COSMOPOLITAN CARE CORP 19841031-19880930
87270 19559810  CCA  COLONIAL CALIF INSD MUN FD 19991029-20041231

CAA is now Corrections Corporation of America!
10716 22025610 22025610 8744 CCAX  CORRECTIONS CORP AMERICA 19861031-19981231
10716 22025610 22025610 8744 CCA  CORRECTIONS CORP AMERICA 19861031-19981231

For more history see

Continental Cable
Q MOUNTAIN STATES TEL & TE (Now Qwest_ Vice Continental Cable[vision]
QWST QWEST SERVICES CORP Vice Continental Cable[vision]

NOTE:  Qwest Services Corporation, a subsidiary of Qwest Communications International Inc
85032 74912110 QWST QWEST COMMUNICATIONS INTL INC 19970624-20041231
85032 74912110 Q QWEST COMMUNICATIONS INTL INC 19970624-20041231

Also have a cusip for Mountain States Tel & Tel (1985-ish, also acquired by Qwest).

Continental Cablevision, Inc. :  Continental Cablevision Inc. acquired by U S West Inc
U S West, Inc. acquired & absorbed by Qwest Communications International Inc.  

US West, Inc. completed its merger with Qwest Communications International on June 30, 2000, resulting in an all-stock transaction of $85 billion. The two companies announced merger plans on July 18, 1999. Headquarters will remain in Denver with Qwest as the surviving company name.

One old question:  Is this the FCC-regulated Continental Cable or the copper/fiber optic Continental Cable?  Assume FCC-regulated Continental.  NOTE: In the 1996 social contract, only reference to "continental cable" is in the short FCC docket title, remainder are cableVISION.

US WEST and Continental consummated their merger on November 15, 1996.  US WEST represents that it has complied with the terms of the MO&O with regard to the interests in Iowa, Idaho, Arizona and Utah.  In May 1997, US WEST entered into a purchase agreement to sell the in-region Minnesota cable systems to Charter.  These systems are subject to US WEST's pending
petition for special relief.

Docket Number: 96-01-22 Part A, "Continental Cable of W. N.E. Rates"
Rate Case, Dec. Date: 11/27/96 Utility type: CATV
dpuc review of rates of continental cablevision of western new england -- Continental Cablevision Inc. Social Contract Rate form review

On August 1, 1995, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) entered into a Social Contract with Continental Cablevision, Inc. The FCC believes that the Social Contract will advance the public interest by: (1) assuring fair and reasonable rates for Continental's cable service customers; (2) improving Continental Cablevision, Inc.s cable service by substantially upgrading the channel capacity and technical reliability of its United States cable systems; and (3) reducing the administrative burden and costs of regulation for local governments, the FCC, and Continental Cablevision, Inc.  The Social Contract was negotiated in accordance with the FCC's authority to consider and adopt "social contracts" as an alternative to other regulatory approaches applicable to cable television rates and its authority to regulate Continental Cablevision, Inc.'s cable services under the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act.  The Social Contract relates to services and equipment offered by Continental Cablevision, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Continental Cablevision, Inc., of Western New England, (Continental or Company) actually or potentially subject to regulation under the terms of the applicable provisions of Title VI of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

Del Webb.  
54148 74586710 74586810 1531 PHM  PULTE HOME CORP 19720207-20041231
54148 74586710 74586710 1531 PHM  PULTE CORP 19720207-20041231
54148 74586710 74586710 1531 PHM  PULTE HOMES INC 19720207-20041231
Pulte Homes, Inc., ( based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has operations in 45 markets across the United States. Under its Del Webb ( brand, the Company is also the nation's leading builder of active adult communities for people age 55 and older. Over its history, the Company has constructed more than 408,000 homes and has been named Builder of the Year for 2002 by Professional Builder magazine. Pulte Mortgage LLC is a nationwide lender committed to meeting the financing needs of Pulte Homes' customers by offering a wide variety of loan products and superior customer service.  


        On July 31, 2004, the Company closed on the sale of its Eckerd drugstore operations for a total of approximately $4.7 billion in cash proceeds that included a $209 million adjustment for the estimated increase in Eckerd's working capital from January 31, 2004 to July 31, 2004. After deducting taxes, fees and other transaction costs, and estimated post-closing adjustments, the ultimate net cash proceeds from the sale are expected to total approximately $3.5 billion. As previously reported, The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. (Coutu) acquired Eckerd drugstores and support facilities located in 13 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, as well as the Eckerd Home Office located in Florida. CVS Corporation and CVS Pharmacy, Inc. (collectively, CVS) acquired Eckerd drugstores and support facilities located in the remaining southern states, principally Florida and Texas, as well as Eckerd's pharmacy benefits management, mail order and specialty pharmacy businesses. Proceeds from the sale will be used for common stock repurchases and debt reduction, as announced on August 2, 2004 and more fully discussed under Capital Structure Repositioning on pages 28-29.
        The loss on the sale was $713 million pre-tax, or $1,433 million on an after-tax basis. The relatively high tax cost is a result of the tax basis of Eckerd being lower than its book basis because the Company's previous drugstore acquisitions were largely tax-free transactions. Of the total after-tax loss on the sale, $1,402 million had been recorded through the first quarter of 2004 to reflect Eckerd at its estimated fair value less costs to sell, and during the second quarter of 2004, the remaining $31 million was recorded to reflect revised estimates of certain post-closing adjustments and resulting sales proceeds.
        Additionally, $3.4 billion of the present value of lease obligations (PVOL), which was an off-balance sheet obligation under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), was eliminated with the transfer of these leases to Coutu and CVS upon the closing of the sale.

        April 5, 2004: J.C. Penney Co. announced Monday it agreed to sell its long-struggling drugstore chain Eckerd for $4.5 billion, splitting the sale of the division between CVS and Canadian drugstore chain Jean Coutu Group.   According to the details of the deal, CVS, the No. 2 drugstore chain will acquire about 1,260 stores, principally in Florida and Texas, for about $21. billion.  The Jean Coutu Group will acquire 1,539 stores located in northeast and mid-Atlantic states, as well as the Eckerd Home Office in Florida, for
         1996:  Eckerd Corporation acquired by JC Penney Company, Inc.  Seven years ago (as of 2003), Penney agreed to acquire Eckerd for $3.3-billion and merge it with Penney-owned Thrift Drug Stores. That created what was then the nation's second-largest drugstore chain. Penney and Eckerd could not have appeared more compatible  

Flagstar Companies, Inc.:  name changed to Advantica Restaurant Group, Inc. (Denny's)
Denny's Corp. (DENN, NASDAQ) (as of 2002)
Use :

85726 00758B10 00758B10 5810 DINE  ADVANTICA RESTAURANT GROUP INC 19980112-20010108
Advantica, Denny's Parent Company, Cited as Best Place in the Nation for Minorities

42526 24870310 24870310 5812 DRI  DENNYS RESTAURANTS INC 19651005-19850125
42526 24870310 24870310 5812 DEN  DENNYS RESTAURANTS INC 19651005-19850125
42526 24870310 24870310 5812 DEN  DENNYS INC 19651005-19850125
75914 33847110 33847110 5810 FLST  FLAGSTAR COMPANIES INC 19891206-19970516

1987 Denny´s is purchased by TW Services, Inc. (big LBO time), one of the largest restaurant companies in the U.S.  1993 TW Services, Inc. (Denny's parent company) changes its name to Flagstar Corporation.  1998 Flagstar Corporation changes its name to Advantica Restaurant Group, Inc. (DINE).   2002 Advantica Restaurant Group, Inc. divests its two regional restaurant brands, Coco's and Carrows, and is renamed Denny's Corporation to reflect the one brand focus.  2004 Denny's Corporation completes a financial recapitalization.

16678 50104410 50104410 5411 KR  KROGER COMPANY 19620702-20041231
"Food-4-Less" is a Price-Impact Warehouse Stores

"Food 4 Less is owned by various companies including Kroger and Fleming)"

The food 4 less website takes you to Kroger.... so it must be the majority owner/.

OOPS!  Need a call onthis...

Patitucci most recently served as the President of Grocery Outlet,
a privately held extreme value discount grocery retailer based in
Oakland, California. He began his career with Alpha Beta
supermarkets, holding a variety of operational and corporate
positions, including responsibility for buying/merchandising in
numerous grocery, frozen food and management categories. As Alpha
Beta merged with Food 4 Less and later Ralph's grocery, James
served in a variety of capacities including Senior Vice President,
Sales and Marketing for Ralph's Supermarkets, which at the time
was a $6.5 billion division of Kroger.

In 1996, Food 4 Less was operating under Ralph's, but which is owned by Yucaipa.
in 2005, Ralph's is a division of Kroger

The Yucaipa Companies is a private investment company which in addition to Smitty's also controls Ralphs Grocery Company, the largest supermarket company in Southern California, operating stores under the Ralphs and Food 4 Less names, which also operates stores in Northern California under the Cala and Bell names and in the midwest under the Falley's and Food 4 Less names; and Dominick's Finer Foods, Inc., a leading Chicago area supermarket company, operating stores under the Dominick's and Omni names.

On September 13, 1996, a class action lawsuit titled McCampbell, et al. v. Ralphs Grocery Company, et al, was filed in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego, against Ralphs Grocery Company ("Ralphs/Food 4 Less") and two other grocery store chains operating in the Southern California area. The complaint alleged, among other things, that Ralphs/Food 4 Less and others conspired to fix the retail price of eggs in Southern California

Somehow became a Fleming Foods companies, but by 9/24/01 Flemings was in troubled company reported: "Fleming Foods, Inc., the parent company of Food 4 Less, filed for bankruptcy.  Food 4 Less subsequently vacated 50,120 sq. ft. (83% rentable sq. ft.) in December 2002.  Lennar is currently negotiating ... "

News of acquisition of food 4 less by fleming's was in Feb 2003, "Fleming, Lewisville, TX. Agreed to buy 17 Food 4 Less stores from Fleming for approximately $82 million. Also agreed to buy another 11 Food 4 Less stores throughout CA, from Fleming. The stores will continue to be supplied by Fleming, and neither deal is finalized yet. "

Fleming Companies - Food 4 Less Division.  selected stores acquired by:  Albertsons, Festa Food Group, QVS Food Group, Fresh Brands, Kroger,  Metcalfe, Roundy's, Save Mart Supermarkets


The Kroger Co. Foundation grants must be reviewed and recommended by a local division.  The Fred Meyer Foundation makes grants in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington.  The Ralphs/Food 4 Less Foundation makes grants in California.

(e.g., BUT:  About Associated Wholesale Grocers
Founded in 1926, Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) is the second largest cooperative grocery wholesaler in the nation. The AWG cooperative supplies more than 1,259 member-stores with wholesale grocery sales, advertising and market support, store decorating and design, and selecting appropriate technology. The co-op's territory covers primarily Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Oklahoma, but also eleven other Midwestern and southern states. The co-op offers its members the use of such banners as PriceMart, Cash Saver, Apple Market, Thriftway, Country Mart, Sun Fresh and PriceChopper. AWG also operates more than 30 of its own Falley's and Food 4 Less stores in Kansas and Missouri, as well as 43 Homeland stores throughout Oklahoma. )

Fort Howard Corp.
Georgia-Pacific Corporation (formerly Fort James, or Fort Howard Corporation; acquired Fort James in 2000).

23915 37329810 GXP  GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP 19620702-20041231
23915 37329810 GP   GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP 19620702-20041231
85654 37329870 TGP  GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP 19971217-20011005
87032 37329880 GPW  GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP 19990701-20020815


54754 34746010 34746010 2621 FHP  FORT HOWARD PAPER CO 19720516-19881024
54754 34746010 34746010 2621 FHP  FORT HOWARD CORP 19720516-19881024
81487 34746110 34746110 2670 FORT  FORT HOWARD CORP NEW 19950310-19970813
61583 34747110 34747110 2676 FJ  FORT JAMES CORP 19730326-20001127

Fort James Corporation:  acquired by Georgia-Pacific Corporation.  ATLANTA, Georgia. July 17, 2000 -- Georgia-Pacific Corp. and Fort James Corp. (NYSE: FJ) announced today that the boards of directors of both companies have signed a definitive merger agreement for Georgia-Pacific to acquire all outstanding shares of Fort James in a transaction valued at approximately $11 billion.

1997.  James River merges with Fort Howard.  James River Corp., which has a paper mill in Camas, Wash., has agreed to merge with Fort Howard Corp. The new company, which will be named Fort James Corp., will have annual sales in excess of $7 billion.

Fort Howard Corporation is a manufacturer of paper towels, bath tissue, napkins, facial tissue, wipers and speciality nonwoven materials and products. The company operates three world class tissue mills regionally located in U.S. and has operations ...

Grand Union.  No ticker in trace.  Debt 11 1/4 due 2000, 12% due 2004
12167 38653210  GUX  GRAND UNION CO 19620702-19770728
82175 38653240 GUCO  GRAND UNION CO 19950814-20000726

SUMMARY:  10/11/00: Grand Union Co. (GUCO) has received interim court approval of its $60
million debtor-in-possession financing facility, according to a Form 8-K filed Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark, N.J. approved the agreement at a hearing on which the supermarket operator filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the third time since 1995. (ABI 09-Oct-00)

(1) February 16, 1995 -- Grand Union Capital Corp. announced today that it had filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the  District of Delaware a consent to the entry of an order for relief on the involuntary Chapter 11 petition which had been filed against it in that court on Feb. 6, 1995, thereby commencing a voluntary Chapter 11 case.  A company spokesperson noted that, following the entry of the order for relief, the company expects to file a plan of Reorganization and a Disclosure Statement within the time provided by applicable law.  The company's wholly-owned subsidiary, The Grand Union Co., filed a Plan of Reorganization and related Disclosure Statement in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on Feb. 6, 1995.  The company's sole stockholder, Grand Union Holdings Corp., filed a voluntary Chapter 11 petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware today.
        PRINCETON, N.J., January 25, 1995 - Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc., today announced the publication GRAND UNION BANKRUPTCY NEWS. It provides subscribers with the most detailed, in-depth news about Grand Union's attempts to restructure its billions of dollars of debt,  reorganize its business operations and emerge as a healthy company pursuant to chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code  Professionals involved in a chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Grand Union's magnitude quickly find it difficult to wade through the mountains of paper and hours of court hearings.  It gives the coveted list of Grand Union's 20 largest unsecured creditors.

Emerged from bankruptcy 6/19/05. Announced exchange details for its various pre-reorganization securities and for certain securities of its parent.

The 11 1/4% Senior Notes, 7/15/00, were exchanged pursuant to its Plan of Reorganization for 12% Senior Notes due 9/1/04.

The face amount of Grand Union's 11 1/4% Senior Notes, due 2000, and
   its 11 3/8% Senior Notes, due 1999, plus accrued but unpaid interest
   and interest on overdue interest as of June 15, 1995, will be
   exchanged pursuant to its Plan of Reorganization for 12% Senior Notes,
   due Sept. 1, 2004, issued pursuant to an Indenture between Grand Union
   and IBJ Schroder Bank & Trust Company, as Trustee, in a principal
   amount equal to approximately 113.739618% of the face amount of the 11
   1/4% Senior Notes and approximately 112.792720% of the face amount of
   the 11 3/8% Senior Notes.  Grand Union said it expects that its securities will
   be listed for trading on a national exchange.

So, what happened to the proposed Reorg Sr. Notes due 2004?

        April 19, 1995--The Grand Union Company announced today that it has filed its Second Amended Chapter 11 Plan and corresponding Disclosure Statement.  The amended Plan incorporates a settlement with, among others, the official creditors committee of Grand Union's parent, Grand Union Capital Corporation (GUCC). The settlement provides, among other things, for two series of warrants to be issued under the Plan to holders of GUCC Zero Coupon notes.  

(2) 1998:  Even as it has secured $300 million in new financing, Grand Union Co. faces opposition to its reorganization plan from an investment group with ties to General Electric Co. and Roy Disney. "We have repeatedly advised you that we do not consent to the company's proposed recapitalization," the group said in a copy of the letter filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. "We intend to take any and all actions that may prove to be necessary to enforce our rights," it said.  Meanwhile, five of Grand Union's 11 directors resigned. No successors were named.  
        Grand Union's Plan of Reorganization was confirmed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark, N.J., on August 5, following overwhelming support from the company's Senior Noteholders and Preferred Stockholders in a consent solicitation completed on June 22, 1998.
        6/1/04 the Grand Union 12 '04 were trading for 58- 59.  On 8/19/98:  Grocer Grand Union Co.'s (GUCO) 12% bonds plunged 2 3/4 points to 56.25-57 in Monday's trading, after the company announced its emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the completion of its previously announced restructuring. As widely reported, the reorganization plan was confirmed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on August 5, after the firm got support from its senior noteholders and preferred stockholders in a consent solicitation completed June 22.  Grand Union's old senior notes, preferred stock, common stock, and Series 1 and 2 warrants have been cancelled, and new notes, warrants, preferred and common stock, and warrants will be issued and traded under the symbols GUCOV and GUCLV.

(3) Grand Union filed a voluntary chapter 11 petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark, New Jersey on October 3, 2000, with the stated intention to facilitate the planned sale of the Company and provide for additional funding during the sale process.  Still trying to get over 1995.  Now Grand Union Co. (GUCO.PK); Public Company (Formerly Nasdaq) CEO: Gary M. Philbin.  Grand Union Co. (OTCBB: GUCO), the Wayne, N.J.-based supermarket chain with several local stores, has filed a petition for Chapter 11 reorganization in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. (October 3, 2000). The company said it had made the filing to ease the way for a planned sale of the company and to provide for additional funding during the sale process. Grand Union also said it has obtained a $60 million debtor-in-possession financing commitment from Lehman Commercial Paper Inc., one of its existing lenders. Upon court approval, the funds will be available to meet ongoing needs and make prompt payment to vendors for goods and services. Employees will continue to be paid in the normal manner.

        Spends most of 2000 selling off stores....3/6/01 announced that it has completed the sale of substantially all of its assets and business to GU Markets, LLC, an affiliate of C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc., and other third party purchasers.  12/11/05: In reviewing the asset sale agreement between Grand Union and C&S and the conduct of the bankruptcy auction on November 16, 2000, the Court found that the Company had met the good faith requirements of the Bankruptcy Code in conducting its sale and also found "no substance to the A&P objection."  The Court has scheduled a hearing for Friday, December 8, 2000 to address landlord and other occupancy issues relating to the C&S Asset Sale Agreement.


76171 40411910 40411910 8060 HCA  H C A HEALTHCARE CO 19900517-20041231
76171 40411910 40411910 8060 HCA  H C A INC 19900517-20041231


77151 42221H10 HTI  HEALTHTRUST INC HOSPITAL CO 19911213-19950421
76171 40411910 COL  COLUMBIA HCA HEALTHCARE CORP 19900517-20041231

Healthtrust, Inc.:  acquired by Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation.  

NOTE: HCA was hotel corp of america.
        COL is now Rockwell.

HCA, Inc. engages in the ownership, management, or operation of hospitals; freestanding surgery centers; diagnostic and imaging centers; radiation and oncology therapy centers; rehabilitation and physical therapy centers; and various other facilities in the United States. Its general and acute care hospitals provide medical and surgical services, including inpatient care, intensive care, cardiac care, diagnostic, and emergency services. These hospitals also provide outpatient services, such as outpatient surgery, laboratory, radiology, respiratory therapy, cardiology, and physical therapy. HCA´s psychiatric hospitals provide mental health care services through inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient settings. As of October 25, 2005, the company operated 187 hospitals and 94 freestanding surgery centers located in 23 states; London, England; and Geneva, Switzerland. HCA was formed by Thomas Frist, Sr.; Thomas Frist, Jr.; and Jack Massey in 1968 and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

COLUMBIA/HCA OVERVIEW (now called HCA)- THE FRAUD INVESTIGATION.  The three parts give a broad view of Columbia/HCA's unsavoury conduct. Many of their unethical and antisocial practices were legal. The fraud investigations unearthed additional material. The finally paid US $1.7 billion but no one went to prison.

Columbia Healthcare was formed in July 1988 by Richard Scott, a lawyer and Richard Rainwater, a financier. It was formed in partnership with 120 physicians. It bought two hospitals in El Paso, Texas. In May 1990 it bought a laboratory company and listed on the stock exchange.  In September 1993 Columbia merged with Galen Health Care which had earlier been spun off from Humana. It now owned 99 hospitals in the USA and internationally. It expanded its policy of selling ownership stakes to physicians in order to bind them to the corporations profit mission.  In February 1994 Columbia merged with Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to form Columbia/HCA, now a US $10 billion company. Scott becomes president and CEO. HCA's chairman and CEO Thomas Frist MD Jnr became vice chairman. Columbia/HCA now enjoyed the political support of the two Frist family US senators.  A year later Scott moved the headquarters from Louisville to Nashville.

In April 1995 Columbia/HCA acquired Healthtrust for US $ 5.6 billion. McWhorter, Heathtrust's CEO became chairman but was later replaced by Scott.  In a contentious purchase which divided the church Columbia/HCA acquired half of a Roman Catholic group in Cleveland in May 1995. During 1995 Columbia/HCA purchased or formed joint ventures with 33 not for profit hospitals.  
In March 1996 Columbia moved to purchase the not for profit HMO's Blue Cross and Blue Shield. This was met with a public outcry. Columbia/HCA persisted in its efforts but when the FBI raided its hospitals in March 1997 it was forced to abandon the deal.  In August 1996 the New England Journal of Medicine published two articles by Robert Kuttner attacking Columbia/HCA's business practices and its corporate philosophy.  In October 1996 the 60 Minutes national TV program screened a hard hitting exposure of Columbia/HCA's practices.


K-111 Communications.  - K-III Communications Corporation:  name changed to Primedia Inc.
82640 74157K10 74157K10 2721 PRM  PRIMEDIA INC 19951102-20041231

Primedia Workplace Learning is owned by Primedia, a publishing company formerly known as K-111 Communications.  PRIMEDIA is the leading targeted media company in the United States. With 2004 revenue of $1.1 billion, its properties comprise over 135 brands that connect buyers and sellers through print publications, websites, events, newsletters and video programs in three market segments including: Enthusiast Media, the #1 special interest publisher magazine publisher in the U.S. with more than 120 consumer magazines, 115 websites, 100 events, 10 TV programs, 340 branded products, and has such well-known brands as Motor Trend, Automobile, Creating Keepsakes, In-Fisherman, Power & Motoryacht, Hot Rod, Snowboarder, Stereophile and Surfer; Consumer Guides, the #1 publisher and distributor of free consumer guides in the U.S. with Apartment Guide, Auto Guide and New Home Guide, distributing free consumer publications through its proprietary distribution network, DistribuTech, in more than 49,000 locations; and Education, which includes Channel One, a proprietary network to secondary schools; Films Media Group, a leading source of educational videos; and Interactive Medical Network, a continuing medical education business.

Maggio, Domenic, Director Real Estate, K-111 Communications. "Which is where Channel One, owned by K-111 Communications, and its Canadian counterpart, the Youth News Network"  1995 $50 million purchase of PJS Publications by K-111 Communications.  (1 internet hits, none for K111 or K-lll (LLL) or KLLL)

Marvel Parent Holdings.
81293 57383M10 57383M10 3942 MVL  MARVEL ENTERPRISES INC 19950223-20041231
81293 57383M10 89226110 3942 TBZ  TOY BIZ INC 19950223-20041231

76759 57391310 57391310 2731 MRV  MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP INC 19910716-19980427

Marvel Entertainment Group:  acquired by Toy Biz, Inc.
Toy Biz, Inc.:  name changed to Marvel Enterprises, Inc.

September 15, 1998.  Toy Biz, Inc. (NYSE: TBZ) announced that at its Annual Meeting of Stockholders, held today, the two proposals relating to the acquisition by Toy Biz of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. were approved by holders of more than 90% of the outstanding shares of Toy Biz. These proposals provide for: (i) certain amendments to Toy Biz' certificate of incorporation, including, among other things, the reclassification of the existing two classes  of common stock of Toy Biz into one class of common stock, the authorization of additional shares of preferred stock, and the change in the name of Toy Biz to "Marvel Enterprises Inc., and (ii) the issuance by Toy Biz of certain securities to effectuate its combination with Marvel. Each of these actions will take effect upon the acquisition of Marvel which is expected to occur in late September or early October, pursuant to the revised plan of reorganization for Marvel proposed by Toy Biz. As previously announced by Toy Biz, the revised plan of reorganization provides for the combination of Toy Biz and Marvel by merging Marvel with a newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary of Toy Biz. In the merger, each outstanding share of Marvel common stock will be canceled. Outstanding shares of Toy Biz common stock will remain outstanding after the merger. Shareholders also approved the re- election of ten members of Toy Biz' Board of Directors as well as the continuation of Ernst & Young as the Toy Biz' independent accountants.

(In case DirecTV, According to Joel A. Waite, Esq., at Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, in Wilmington, Delaware, Raven Media Investments, LLC, demands that the Court exercise the drastic and extraordinary remedy of appointing a Chapter 11 trustee or, alternatively, appointing an examiner for the Debtor, reported 8/1/2003)

In the Third Circuit, "the appointment of a trustee is the exception, rather than the rule." Sharon Steel, 871 F.2d at 1225; see also Marvel Enter. Group, Inc., 140 F.3d at 470.

       In Marvel, the Third Circuit affirmed the appointment of a
       Trustee by the district court where bondholders, led by
       financier Carl Ichan, acquired control of the debtor-in-
       possession six months after the bankruptcy case was
       initiated and were unable to make any significant progress
       towards Marvel's reorganization.  The district court
       believed that there was an "unhealthy conflict of
       interest" based on the "deep-seeded conflict and animosity
       between the Ichan-controlled debtor and the Lenders and in
       the lack of confidence all creditors had in the Ichan
       interests' ability to act as fiduciaries."  Marvel, 140
       F.3d at 472.

       The Marvel case is wholly distinguishable from DirecTV's
       case.  Most notably, the Third Circuit did not apply the
       usual presumption against appointing a Trustee because the
       debtor-in-possession acquired control of the company
       postpetition by buying claims against the estate and did
       not possess the "usual familiarity with the business".  In
       contrast, the debtor-in-possession in DirecTV's case, has
       managed the Debtor's business from its inception.  Hughes
       was one of the original investors in the business and has
       always controlled the Debtor's board.  No party has ever
       alleged that the Debtor's management has engaged in
       misconduct or fraud, and the causes of the Debtor's
       financial distress have largely been outside management's

2/5/98.  In the bankruptcy cases In re Marvel Holdings, Inc., and Marvel (Parent) Holdings Inc., the law firm of Skadden  Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, representing Ronald O. Perelman, Mafco Holdings Inc., MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., Andrews Group Incorporated, William C. Bevins and Donald G. Drapin, wrote a letter to Judge McKelvie asking that the settlement proposed by Marvel Holding, Inc., Marvel Holdings Inc. and LaSalle National Bank, as successor indenture Trustee be heard on March 16, 1998, since at that time there will be greater clarity as to Marvel Entertainment's future particularly with respect to the value of Marvel Entertainment stock.  

Bankruptcy News For May 14, 1997.  
NEW YORK, NY --May 14, 1997--The Official Committee of Bondholders of Marvel Holdings, Inc., Marvel (Parent) Holdings, Inc. and Marvel III Holdings, Inc. ("Bondholders' Committee") announced today that a Federal Judge has granted their appeal, permitting them to vote the majority of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. (NYSE: MRV) Common Stock securing the bonds to change the Marvel Board of Directors, effective May 23, 1997.  "This is a tremendous victory for the bondholders, the public equity holders and all other parties interested in seeing Marvel emerge from Chapter 11 and return to profitability," said David M. Friedman of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP, attorneys for the Bondholders' Committee. "As soon as the bondholders oust the lame-duck Marvel Board, former Marvel executive Joseph Calamari will head-up a transition team committed to turning Marvel's business around. We will now set our sights on obtaining court approval of our disclosure statement so we can distribute our plan to creditors and stockholders and continue to move toward confirmation."
        U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Helen S. Balick has set a disclosure statement hearing for June 16, 1997 to consider the Joint Plan of reorganization for Marvel Entertainment proposed by the Bondholders' Committee together with Marvel Holdings, Inc. on April 29. Upon approval of the disclosure statement by the Court, the Bondholders' Committee and Marvel Holdings intend to begin mailing the Joint Plan to creditors immediately.
        The order under appeal enjoining the Bondholders' Committee and the indenture trustee from voting any of the pledged stock had been granted by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court on March 24, 1997 on the basis that relief from the automatic stay in the Marvel bankruptcy proceeding must precede any change of Marvel's Board of Directors. In the same ruling, Judge Balick had also ruled that members of the Bondholders' Committee and the indenture trustee could vote the Common Stock of Marvel Parent to change the Board of Directors of Marvel Holdings. The Bondholders Committee has since installed a new Board at Marvel Holdings, Inc., comprised of Mr. Carl C. Icahn, Mr. Robert Mitchel, treasurer of ACF Industries, Inc., and Mr. Vincent J. Intrieri, Portfolio Manager at Westgate International, L.P.
        The Bondholders' Committee had notified Marvel Entertainment of its intention to vote its majority stake to elect a new Board of Marvel on March 21, 1997. The Bondholders' Committee proposed a Board consisting of nine members, seven selected by the Bondholders Committee and two to be selected by Marvel's Committee of Equity Security Holders (the "Equity Committee"). The members selected by the Bondholders Committee are as follows: Mr. Harold First, a specialist in entertainment accounting, Mr. Robert Mitchel, treasurer of ACF Industries, Inc., Mr. Carl C. Icahn, Mr. Juoko T. Tamminen, Vice President of Icahn Associates, Mr. J. Winston Fowlkes III, co-founder Voyager Communications, a publisher of Action Adventure Comics and a former Vice President of Time Warner Communications, Mr. Vincent J. Intrieri, Portfolio Manager at Westgate International, L.P., and Charles K. MacDonald, a private investor who is a director of Biotechnology General Corp. and LIVE Entertainment Inc., a movie production company.
        The Bondholders' Committee, which represents the owners of $894 million in bonds secured against approximately 80% of the equity in Marvel Entertainment, had opposed the original reorganization plan proposed by Marvel Entertainment, which Marvel Entertainment has since withdrawn.

1994:  RONALD O. PERELMAN (51) has been Chairman of the Board and Director of the Company (NATIONAL HEALTH LABORATORIES INCORPORATED) since 1988. Mr. Perelman has been Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MacAndrews & Forbes for more than the past five years. Mr. Perelman also is Chairman of the Board of Andrews Group Incorporated ("Andrews Group"), Consolidated Cigar Corporation ("Consolidated Cigar"), New World Communications Group Incorporated ("New World Communications"), Mafco Worldwide Corporation ("Mafco Worldwide"), Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. ("Marvel"), Revlon Consumer Products Corporation ("Revlon Products") and New World Television Incorporated ("NWTV"). Mr. Perelman is a director of the following corporations which file reports pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934: Andrews Group, The Coleman Company, Inc. ("Coleman"), Coleman Holdings Inc., Coleman Worldwide Corporation, Consolidated Cigar, Mafco Worldwide, Marvel, Marvel Holdings Inc. ("Marvel Holdings"), Marvel (Parent) Holdings Inc. ("Marvel Parent"), Marvel III Holdings Inc. ("Marvel III"), Revlon Products, Revlon Worldwide Corporation and NWTV.

NL Industries, Inc. - 11 3/4% Senior Secured Notes due 10/15/03 UCC Discharged 6/28/02.
is a diversified holding company. NL conducts its component products operations through its majority-owned subsidiary, CompX International, Inc., and owns a significant interest in Kronos Worldwide, Inc., a global producer and marketer of value-added titanium dioxide pigments.   Kronos is a huge worldwide conglomerate, but NL debt would be NL debt and we do not have that in TRACE.

13303 62915640 62915610 1389 NL  N L INDUSTRIES INC 19620702-20041231


Satisfaction and Discharge of Indenture,  Release, Assignment and
Transfer,  dated  June 28,  2002,  made by JP Morgan  Chase  Bank
pursuant  to the  Indenture  for NL  Industries,  Inc.'s  11 3/4%
Senior  Secured  Notes due 2003 -  incorporated  by  reference to
Exhibit 4.12 to the  Registrant's  Quarterly  Report on Form 10-Q
for the quarter ended June 30, 2002.


52337 88033G10 88033G10 8062 THC  TENET HEALTHCARE CORP 19710428-20041231
76270 68685710 68685710 8062 ORND  ORNDA HEALTHCORP 19900605-19970129
76270 68685710 68685710 8062 ORN  ORNDA HEALTHCORP 19900605-19970129
        ORNDA HealthCorp:  acquired by Tenet Healthcare Corporation & name changed to Tenet Healthcare Corporation-Nashville Office; Republic Health Corporation:  name changed to Ornda Healthcorp.

Owens Illinois
13661 69076810  3221 OI  OWENS ILLINOIS GLASS CO 19620702-19870323
13661 69076810  3221 OI  OWENS ILLINOIS INC 19620702-19870323
13661 69076810 69076810 3221 OI  OWENS ILLINOIS INC 19620702-19870323

Payless Cashways, Inc.:  leveraged buyout
63298 70437810 70437810 5211 PAYL  PAYLESS CASHWAYS INC 19721214-19881007
63298 70437810 70437810 5211 PCI  PAYLESS CASHWAYS INC 19721214-19881007
79043 70437830 70437830 5211 PCS  PAYLESS CASHWAYS INC 19930309-19970718

        6/8/01: The troubled home improvement retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection June 4, listing $553 million in assets and $473 million in liabilities.  Payless has struggled to reorganize since it emerged from a fast-track Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in 1997. The company was in and out of bankruptcy protection in a little more than four months -- too fast to get its finances in order and close unprofitable stores, analysts said. The 1997 bankruptcy filing resulted from $600 million in debt the company struggled to pay from a 1987 leveraged buyout. Payless sought to buy a large chunk of its stock from principals of Kansas City-based Sutherland Lumber Co. that year, a move that originally saddled Payless with $1.3 billion in debt.  Payless whittled its debt down to $314 million at the end of the 2001 first quarter. But sales continued to spiral downward because of an unusually harsh winter, a slowing economy and depressed lumber prices, Payless spokeswoman Marla Holbert said.
        On July 21, 1997 (the "Petition  Date"),  the Company commenced a reorganization
case (the "Case") by filing a voluntary  petition  for relief under  Chapter 11, Title 11 of the United States Code ("Chapter 11") in the U.S.  Bankruptcy  Court for the Western District of Missouri in Kansas City (the "Court").  On the Petition  Date,  the Company  filed a Disclosure  Statement and a Plan of Reorganization  (the  "Plan")  with the  Court.  The Plan,  as  amended,  became effective December 2, 1997 (the "Effective  Date").  Under the Plan, the Company reincorporated  as a Delaware  corporation  and canceled  outstanding  shares of common and preferred stock and issued  approximately  20,000,000 shares of newly
reorganized Payless Cashways, Inc. (the "Reorganized Company") common stock (the "New Common Stock"), as described below.                                        
        1997 plan: in respect of the 9-1/8% senior subordinated notes ... are  receiving their pro rata share of 8,269,329 shares of New Common Stock or approximately 41% of the shares of the newly reorganized Company.

None in TRACE.

Playtex Family Products Corp.  Westport´s Playtex doesn´t mean Playtex bras.  In 1986, Playtex Holdings was comprised of two companies: Playtex Family Products Corp. (tampons, infant feeding and household products) and Playtex Apparel, Inc. (bras, girdles, hosiery and other apparel).  In 1991, the publicly traded Sara Lee Co. purchased Playtex Apparel and acquired a 25 percent interest in Playtex Family Products (which it later sold back). Playtex Family Products eventually became Playtex Products, Inc.  80186 72813P10 72813P10 2676 PYX  PLAYTEX PRODUCTS INC 19940127-20041231

70077 81758710 81758710 5961 SMCH  SERVICE MERCHANDISE INC 19721214-19991202
70077 81758710 81758710 5961 SME  SERVICE MERCHANDISE INC 19721214-19991202
Not in TRACE

11650 84443510 84443510 4810 SCII  SOUTHLAND COMMUNICATIONS INC 19870831-19900403
24620 19549310 84443210 6025 SLBC  SOUTHLAND BANCORP 19821101-19860331
36679 84452110  6792         SRO   SOUTHLAND ROYALTY CO 19620702-19851213
36679 84452110 84452110 6792 SRO   SOUTHLAND ROYALTY CO 19620702-19851213
55351 84443610 84443610 5411 SLC   SOUTHLAND CORP 19720821-19871215
66624 51925630 84443410 6311 SCII  SOUTHLAND CAPITAL INVS INC 19820506-19951113
71635 84444020 84444010 1311 SLEC  SOUTHLAND ENERGY CORP 19770628-19880205
71635 84444020 84444020 1311 SLEC  SOUTHLAND ENERGY CORP 19770628-19880205
71643 84444410 84444410 6711 SOEQ  SOUTHLAND EQUITY CORP 19721214-19820226
71651 84444710 84444710 6510 SFIN  SOUTHLAND FINANCIAL CORP 19721214-19890630
71678 84448710 84448710 2621 SPPM  SOUTHLAND PAPER MLS INC 19721214-19771202
77015 81782620 84443640 5411 SLCM  SOUTHLAND CORP 19910326-20041231
Southland nor any of these tickers in in Trace

Service Merchandise
70077 81758710 81758710 5961 SMCH  SERVICE MERCHANDISE INC 19721229-19991231
70077 81758710 81758710 5961 SME  SERVICE MERCHANDISE INC 19721229-19991231

creditor: The Bank of New York, 9% Senior Subordinated Debentures due 2004 $300,000,000
Friday (3/26/99), DLS Capital Partners, Inc., indicated that the 9% Senior Subordinated Debentures due 2004 were trading at 25-26.
        The Debtors have requested, pursuant to Rule 1015(b)(4) of the FederalRules of Bankruptcy Procedure, that the Court order their chapter 11 casesbe jointly administered in order to reduce costs and facilitate a moreefficient administrative process, unencumbered by the procedural problemsotherwise attendant to the administration of multiple chapter 11 cases.Judge Paine granted the Debtors' Motion, ordering that these cases beadministered jointly under Case No. 399-02649.  Judge Paine makes it clearthat this is for procedural purposes only and neither contemplates norimpairs the right of any party-in-interest to seek a substantiveconsolidation of the Debtors' estates.  
        By 4/01, The Bank of Now York, as indenture trustee for holders of the 9% Senior Subordinated Debentures issued by Service Merchandise, objected to the Debtor's Motion. 3/5/03.  with Respect to Joint Plan of Service Merchandise Company, Inc. and its Affiliate Debtors.  A hearing on confirmation of the Plan is currently scheduled for May 12, 2003.  
        The Plan provides that, among other things, as of the effective date of the Plan, all of the Company's existing securities, including, among other securities, the 8-3/8% senior notes due 2001, the first mortgage secured notes due June 28, 2000, the 9% senior subordinated debentures due 2004, the common stock, the preferred stock, and all options, warrants, calls, rights, puts, awards, commitments, or any other agreements to acquire such common stock or preferred stock, shall be deemed canceled and of no further force and effect. Further, the Plan provides no recovery to the holders of common stock, preferred stock, options, warrants, calls, rights, puts, awards, commitments, or any other agreements to acquire such common stock or preferred stock and the holders of these securities will receive no value for their interests.

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
was formed November 18, 1998, when St. Louis- based Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (JSC) merged with Chicago-based Stone Container Corporation. The company acquired St. Laurent Paperboard Inc. in May 2000 and MeadWestvaco´s Stevenson, AL, containerboard mill and related assets in September 2002.  Smurfit-Stone acquired the remaining 50 percent of Smurfit-MBI in March 2003 in an asset exchange with Jefferson Smurfit Group plc.  36978 86158910  2653 SCC  STONE CONTAINER CORP 19620702-19981118
36978 86158910  2653 STO  STONE CONTAINER CORP 19620702-19981118
36978 86158910 86158910 2653 STO  STONE CONTAINER CORP 19620702-19981118

Southland - FIPS Troubled, has to be 7-Eleven, Inc. Not in TRACE anyhow.
5% First Priority Senior Subordinated Debentures due 12/15/03, retired 7/03

77015 81782620 81782610 5411 SVEV  7 ELEVEN INC 19910328-20041231
77015 81782620 81782620 5411 SVEV  7 ELEVEN INC 19910328-20041231
77015 81782620 81782620 5411 SE    7 ELEVEN INC 19910328-20041231
77015 81782620 84443640 5411 SLCM  SOUTHLAND CORP 19910328-20041231

11650 84443510 84443510 4810 SCII  SOUTHLAND COMMUNICATIONS INC 19870831-19900430
55351 84443610 84443610 5411 SLC   SOUTHLAND CORP 19720831-19871231

24620 19549310 84443210 6025 SLBC  SOUTHLAND BANCORP 19821130-19860331
36679 84452110 84452110 6792 SRO   SOUTHLAND ROYALTY CO 19620731-19851231
66624 51925630 84443410 6311 SCII  SOUTHLAND CAPITAL INVS INC 19820528-19951130
71635 84444020 84444010 1311 SLEC  SOUTHLAND ENERGY CORP 19770630-19880229
71643 84444410 84444410 6711 SOEQ  SOUTHLAND EQUITY CORP 19721229-19820226
71651 84444710 84444710 6510 SFIN  SOUTHLAND FINANCIAL CORP 19721229-19890630
71678 84448710 84448710 2621 SPPM  SOUTHLAND PAPER MLS INC 19721229-19771230

V.G.S. Corp.:  name changed to Southland Oil Company
Aztec Oil & Gas Co.:  merged into Southland Royal Co.
Southland Royalty Co.:  acquired by Burlington Northern, Inc.
Southland Financial Corporation:  acquired by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America

In January 2003, we (7-11) entered into a note purchase agreement with SEJ that authorized the issuance and sale of up to $400 million aggregate principal amount of Senior Subordinated Notes due 2010 (“SEJ Notes’), which we issued and SEJ purchased in multiple tranches. The SEJ Notes are subordinate to all obligations outstanding under our revolving credit facility. On January 10, 2003, we received $100 million from SEJ under the note purchase agreement; the interest rate on this tranche is 3.41%. On July 9, 2003, we received the remaining $300 million from SEJ under the note purchase agreement in three equal payments of $100 million; the interest rate on these tranches is 3.01%, 3.34%, and 3.71% respectively. We are required to repay the SEJ notes in eight semiannual installments beginning July 2006 and ending January 2010.
        In July 2003, we used a portion of the proceeds of the SEJ Notes to retire $239.3 million principal amount of our 5% First Priority Senior Subordinated Debentures due 2003, $111.4 million principal amount of our 4½% Second Priority Senior Subordinated Debentures (Series A) due 2004 and $18.5 million principal amount of our 4% Second Priority Senior Subordinate Debentures (Series B) due 2004. Primarily as a result of including the SFAS No. 15 Interest in the carrying amount of the retired debt, we recognized a pretax gain of $10.5 million in connection with the retirement, which was recorded in OSG&A.  During the period the Senior Subordinated Debentures were outstanding, we did not recognize interest expense on this debt. Because we recognize interest on the SEJ Notes, interest expense increased $8.1 million for 2003 and we expect an increase of approximately $14 million annually beginning in 2004. See “—Comparison of 2003 to 2002 Results—Interest Expense, Net.’
        In September 2003, all of the outstanding 1998 Convertible Quarterly Income Debt Securities due 2013 (“1998 QUIDS’), which were issued to IY and SEJ, were converted into approximately 6.5 million shares of 7-Eleven common stock. The principal amount of the 1998 QUIDS was $80.0 million, and the interest rate was 4.5%. As a result of the conversion, which was mandatory under the terms of the 1998 QUIDS, our 2003 interest expense decreased by $1.1 million and our 2004 interest expense will decrease by $2.5 million.

7-Eleven: (from 2003 10k).  We introduced the convenience store concept in 1927, when, as an ice company, our retail outlets began selling milk, bread and eggs. Today, we are the largest convenience store chain in the world. We operate, franchise or license nearly 26,000 stores worldwide.  The name “7-Eleven®’ originated in 1946 when our stores were open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Today, the majority of our stores in the United States and Canada provide more than 6 million daily customers with 24-hour convenience, seven days a week. Our stores generally range in size from 2,400 to 3,000 square feet and carry about 2,300 to 2,800 items. Please note that throughout this report, when we refer to “our stores,’ we mean our company- and franchisee-operated stores in the United States and our company-operated stores in Canada.  Our principal executive offices are located at 2711 North Haskell Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204. Our telephone number is 214/828-7011. We were incorporated in Texas in 1961 as the successor to an ice business organized in 1927. On April 30, 1999, we changed our name from The Southland Corporation to 7-Eleven, Inc.  Our Internet address is

Trans World Airlines, Inc.:  acquired by AMR Corp. NOTE: ->!
19617 89407610  TWA  TRANS WORLD AIRLINES INC 19350330-19870331
21020 00176510  AMR  AMERICAN AIRLS INC 19390630-20041231
21020 00176510  AMR  A M R CORP DEL 19390630-20041231

BUT:  It was an asset purchase completed in 2001, so no debt here...

Had to testify to Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, 2/1/01 to get approval for the asset sale.  They claimed no other airlie was interested in them as a going concern. Only AA had a comprehensive plan which included protection for the 20,000 emps.  187 airraft, youngest fleet in the nation.

On January 10, 2001 – Trans World Airlines, Inc. announced that it had reached an agreement with American Airlines, Inc. (“American’), a subsidiary of AMR Corporation, in which American will acquire substantially all of TWA´s assets. The asset purchase agreement includes TWA´s jet aircraft as well as numerous routes and gates throughout the TWA system and significant maintenance facilities. The agreement will protect air service in St. Louis and maintain St. Louis´s role as a major transportation center. The agreement also calls for American to offer employment to almost all of TWA´s 20,000 employees. TWA currently operates approximately 190 aircraft and approximately 800 daily flights.  Concurrently, TWA said today that it and certain subsidiaries had voluntarily filed petitions in the U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. In order for the agreement with American to go forward, TWA also filed a motion seeking the Court´s approval of an asset purchase agreement with American pursuant to section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code.

TRANS WORLD AIRLINES, INC., et al  Case No. 01-0056(PJW)
Jointly Administered Debtors.
Plaintiffs vs.

19617 89407610 89407610 4511 TW  TRANSWORLD CORP DEL 19620702-19870331
19617 89407610 89407610 4511 TW  TRANSWORLD CORP LIQUIDATING TR 19620702-19870331

TWA History.

American Airlines History.
   (see facts/history.jhtml)
On the morning of April 15, 1926, a young aviator named Charles A. Lindbergh stowed a bag of mail in his little DH-4 biplane and took off from Chicago for St. Louis. Later that day, he and two other pilots flew three plane loads of mail from St. Louis to Chicago.  At the time, Lindbergh was chief pilot of Robertson Aircraft Corporation of Missouri, which was the second aviation company to hold a U.S. airmail contract. It was one of scores of companies that eventually consolidated to form the modern-day American Airlines.
        ... Airline deregulation took place in 1978 and in January 1979, American launched a major route expansion, inaugurating service to new routes and new destinations across the U.S. and the Caribbean.  American moved its headquarters from New York City to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in 1979. The new headquarters complex also included The Learning Center, a training facility; the Flight Academy, the pilot training facility, and the Southern Reservations Office.  In 1980, Robert L. Crandall was elected president and chief operating officer.
        By 1987, American had completed an underground facility -- secured against fire, earthquakes and any other disasters -- in Tulsa, Okla. to house the SABRE computer equipment and software that formed the world's largest private real-time computer network and travel information data base. Also in 1987, SABRE became available via the personal computer. .. In 1993, AMR Corporation formed the SABRE Technology Group. It included AMR Information Services (AMRIS), SABRE Travel Information Network (STIN), SABRE Computer Services (SCS), SABRE Development Services (SDS), and AMR Project Consulting and Risk Assessment Units.
        On January 16, 1992, American opened the first state-of-the-art airline maintenance facility to be built in the United States in more than 20 years - the Alliance Maintenance and Engineering Base at Fort Worth's Alliance Airport.
        In January 2001, American's first aircraft featuring bigger overhead storage bins took to the skies. Also, American announced that it had agreed to purchase substantially all the assets of Trans World Airlines, Inc.  In April 2001, American Airlines completed acquisition of TWA's assets.

81676 89816810 89816810 7993 DJT  TRUMP HOTELS & CASINO RESRTS INC 19950607-20040809

US Air, Inc.
28847 91190550 91190550 4512 UAIR  US AIRWAYS GROUP INC 19620702-20040921.  


US Airways and America West have come together to create the fifth largest domestic airline. US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and the US Airways Express operate approximately 4,000 flights per day and serve more than 225 communities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. This press release and additional information on US Airways can be accessed at or  US Airways is a member of the Star Alliance, which was established in 1997 as the first truly global airline alliance to offer customers global reach and a smooth travel experience. The other members are Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian, bmi, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Spanair, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways International, United and VARIG Brazilian Airlines. South African Airways and SWISS will be integrated during the course of the next 12 months. Overall, the member carriers offer more than 15,000 daily flights to 795 destinations in 139 countries.

51617 92552610 92552610 4899 VIA  VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC 19701203-19870609
Looks like it turned into
75104 92552410 92552410 4841 VIA  VIACOM INC 19870610-20041231
76226 92552430 92552430 4841 VIA  VIACOM INC 19900614-20041231

19238 92924840  3312 WHX  WHEELING STL CORP 19620702-20041231
19238 92924840 96316710 3312 WHX  WHEELING STL CORP 19620702-20041231
19238 92924840 96315010 3312 WHX  WHEELING PITTSBURGH STL CORP 19620702-20041231
19238 92924840 96314210 3312 WHX  WHEELING PITTSBURGH CORP 19620702-20041231
89874 96314230 96314230 3312 WPSC  WHEELING PITTSBURGH CORP 20031028-20041231

(see oddballs)
58472 89353210 89357010 6711 TPIP  TRANSCONTINENTAL GAS PIPE LN COR 19721214-19950428
58472 89353210 89353210 6711 TSCO  TRANSCO COMPANIES INC 19721214-19950428
58472 89353210 89353210 6711 E  TRANSCO COMPANIES INC 19721214-19950428
58472 89353210 89353210 6711 E  TRANSCO ENERGY CO 19721214-19950428
60732 89356010 89360430 1381 TCNT  TRANSCONTINENTAL OIL CORP 19721214-19841002
60732 89356010 89360430 1381 TOC  TRANSCONTINENTAL OIL CORP 19721214-19841002
60732 89356010 89356010 1381 TOC  TRANSCONTINENTAL ENERGY CORP DE 19721214-19841002
65437 89353310 89353310 1382 EXP  TRANSCO EXPLORATION PARTNERS 19830715-19920914
All in Williams Brother Now (WMB).

BFT BALLY TOTAL FITNESS HLDG Vice Bally's Health & Tennis
PHM PULTE CORP vice Del Webb
WMB Williams Brothers Vice Transco
TZH TRIZEC HAHN CORP vice Clark Oil & Refining
Q MOUNTAIN STATES TEL & TE (Now Qwest_ Vice Continental Cable[vision]
QWST QWEST SERVICES CORP vice Continental Cable[vision]
DNYY DENNY'S CORP/HLDGS INC vice Flagstar and Flagstar Corp
GP FORT JAMES CORPORATION vice Fort James vice Fort Howard
HCA HCA INC vice Columbia/HCA vice Healthtrust
PRM PRIMEDIA INC vice K-III Communications (name change)
U US AIRWAYS PASS-THRU TR vice US Air (and LCC after 9/22/04)
USAR US AIRWAYS INC vice US Air (LCC after 9/22/04)