Notes for Dubai Trip

A summary of the entrepreneurial culture in Dubai is given by Lewis Platt, Chairman, The Boeing Company, Former CEO and Chairman Hewlett-Packard, Delivered to the Entrepreneurship 2010, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 20, 2004.

Dubai Quality Group. Message from the Patron of the Group His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Sayed Al Maktoum: The Dubai Quality Group has been set up as a non-profit making organization with the main objective of providing a basis for the exchange of knowledge among the business community. Through its programme of events, workshops, seminars, conferences and publications it provides organizations with the opportunity to align their management techniques with world-wide best practice. Since its inception the Group has been of benefit to organizations of all sizes from all sectors of the economy and from the public sector. I encourage all organizations to make use of the programmes and facilities offered by the Dubai Quality Group.
Message from the Director General of Dubai Department of Economic Development His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al Abbar: The Dubai Strategic Plan envisions a dynamic economy thriving not only on the easy availability of factors of production but through the innovation and creativity of its people. The Rulers and Government of Dubai are creating the infrastructure to facilitate this transition. In support of this vision all organizations, large or small, from all sectors of the economy must be improving their processes, their people and their products. In an ever changing world the “Quality of Management” is far more important than the “Management of Quality”. The former will automatically deliver the latter. The Dubai Quality Group through its programme of seminars, events, conferences and publications is providing organisations with the tools and techniques to improve their quality of management and to play their role in "Dubai’s Drive for Quality".

Economic Overview. From the International Conference and Exhibition for Small and Medium Enterprises, January 2005.

What to Do in Dubai. MARK BOWMAN'S GUIDE TO DUBAI, in Management Today