Resampling Stats

Resampling Stats

Statistics101 is a giftware computer program that interprets and executes the simple but powerful “Resampling Stats” programming language. The original Resampling Stats language and computer program were developed by Dr. Julian Simon and Peter Bruce.  Although it was originally developed to aid students, the Statistics101 program is suitable for all levels of statistical sophistication. It is especially useful for Monte Carlo, resampling, and bootstrap applications. It has been used by professionals in many fields. These include anthropology, biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, epidemiology, marine biology, psychology, sociology, toxicology, veterinary pathology.

Statistics101 is written in Java and will run on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, or any other platform that supports Java 1.4 or better.

Statistics101 executes programs written in an enhanced version of the easy-to-learn Resampling Stats language. Resampling Stats is a statistical simulation language. You write a program in the language, describing the process behind a probability or statistics problem. Statistics101 then executes that program, computing probability and statistics answers without using mysterious formulas. Statistics101 runs your Resampling Stats model thousands of times, each time with different random numbers or samples, keeping track of the results. When the program completes, you have your answer.

Faq's, examples and download for Statistics101 is here.

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