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RegressIt was designed by Professor Emeritus Robert Nau (Fuqua School of Business, Duke University) with original programming for the PC by John Butler (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas). It was developed for use in a graduate course on statistical forecasting, and it is also intended for broader use in education and in commercial and scientific applications as a complement or substitute for other regression software. First released for the PC in 2014, it is offered for free in the interest of making Excel a better platform for statistical analysis, making R more friendly and accessible, and making good practices of regression analysis easier to learn and apply. All versions of the program have been updated in 2019 to enhance the interface with R and add new features to support teaching, and further development is ongoing.

RegressItLogistic is an enhancement of RegressItPC Excel add-in (Win and Mac) that includes logistic as well as linear regression. The logistic procedure produces highly interactive table and chart output and it can perform out-of-sample testing. It can fit logistic models with up to 16K rows of data. Larger logistic regression models can be fitted via the R interface.

The linear regression procedure in RegressItLogistic is the same as the one in RegressItPC except for a slightly more a-la-carte menu of output options. One other minor difference that RegressItLogistic does not include the alternative floating toolbar interfaces. All of the documentation for the RegressItPC program otherwise applies to RegressItLogistic, and the same links are provided below.

Download RegressIT. To avoid installation problems, be sure and download the zipped version and read ALL the installation instructions.