Research Question: What are the determinants of a firm's political access?


Using the updated numbering of the survey questions and determinations of applicable variables, the following is a restatement of the variables in response to the research question


December 29. 2005.



Dependent Variables: NUMERICAL DATA

1)        Size of Network, Senate (Q8)

2)        Size of Network, House (Q17)

3)        Private meetings, Senate (Q11c)

4)        Private meetings, House (Q20c)



Independent (Predictor) Variables: VARIOUS DATA



1. Firm sales - Use 2002 Sales (see rationale; variable name REV02)

2. Industry      - Use "DobelSIC" categories per FPA Submission.

3. Political Salience - CATEGORICAL [levels]

            Q1      # US Congressional bills company monitored     [1 None - Lots 7]

            Q2      # US Congressional bills company actively participated in lobbying     [1 None - Lots 5]

4. Management commitment  - CATEGORICAL

            Q61    % time our top managers dedicate to public policy annually?                [1 Little - Lots 6]



1.  providing PAC contributions.  Use total 2002 contributions,


            AllGive02= FedTTLbux02 + SFTTTL02 + bux_TTL02.


2.  Largess Variable (could also be RESPONSE)


            Largess02 = 100*AllGive02/(Income02*1,000,000)


3.  hiring individuals with political experience…we have a yes/no question with top management and the BOD


            Q67    # senior managers worked for any level of US government

            Q69    # Board memebers worked for any level of US government


4.  attend fundraisers (Q78) - CATEGORICAL. 


            Q78    How often does your company attend political fundraisers?      [1 Never - Daily 6]





1.  We have number of external lobbying firms

            Q72    How many outside lobbyists do you hire on retainer?

            Q73    How many outside lobbyists for special projects?


2.  We have CEO testifying (Since 2003)             [1 YES / NO 2]

            Q62    CEO testified at a congressional hearing

            Q63    CEO testified at a regulatory hearing

            Q64    CEO argued within your industry's trade association about a public policy matter


3.  We have firm's participation on advisory boards (Since 2003)         [1 YES / NO 2]

            Q34    Company served on an advisory committee of a regulatory agency

            Q74    Company been invited to join any of the business advisory groups to the federal

                       government, such as the Advisory Committee on Trade Policy Negotiations or the

                       FTC Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security


4.  Could we get internal lobbying data? [We do not have at present]?



Constituency Building:   ORDERED CATEGORICAL

1.  we have political education programs (Q80)               [1 Never - Daily 6]


            Q81    How often does your company conduct political education programs?


2.  we have advocacy advertising (Q82)               [1 Never - Daily 6]


            Q82    How often does your company use public relations advertising in the media for

                       political issues affecting your company?


3.  we have press conferences (Q83)       [1 Never - Daily 6]


            Q83    How often does your company hold press conferences on public policy issues?


4.  we have mobilizing grassroots (Q84)               [1 Never - Daily 6]


            Q84    How often does your company use grassroots political programs?


5.  we have mobilizing ad hoc coalitions… measure somewhat differently (Coordination Activities):  "About how many times has your company coordinated government relations activities with:"


            Q39    Coordinate with other firms in industry                  [1 Never - Lots 5]

            Q44    Coordinate with other firms outside of industry    [1 Never - Lots 5]

            Q52    Coordinate with labor groups                                 [1 Zero - Lots 5]

            Q57    Coordinate with non-business interest groups     [1 Zero - Lots 5]