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Richard Daughty  is general partner and C.O.O. for Smith Consultant Group, serving the financial and medical communities, and the writer/publisher of the Mogambo Guru economic newsletter, an avocational exercise the better to heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it. The Mogambo Guru is quoted frequently in Barron's ,The Daily Reckoning , and other fine publications.

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09/21/2005 Down The Rathole
09/15/2005 Be Afraid. Buy Gold and Silver
09/07/2005 Monetary Insanity
08/31/2005 And how about the price of hazelnuts!
08/25/2005 Oh frabjous day!
08/17/2005 Oil. Gold. Silver. Ommmm.
08/10/2005 At least the Japanese robot is not going to kill us
08/04/2005 "Urk!"
07/27/2005 It's a scary new world
07/21/2005 A Choice of Poisons
07/13/2005 FILLED with The Fire of Gold!
07/06/2005 Monetary Incest
06/30/2005 Heading for the "puke point"
06/22/2005 I Think I Swallowed my Tongue!
06/15/2005 A Sickening Symphony of Symptoms
06/08/2005 Pizza to The People!
06/01/2005 Gimme all my money...
05/25/2005 Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
05/19/2005 Lawn Sprinkler Economics
05/12/2005 We're freaking doomed, dude
05/05/2005 Wake up or be eaten alive...
04/27/2005 ...008: Licence to Rant
04/20/2005 My anti-idiocy pills don't seem to be working
04/14/2005 Daddy! Wake up! Where is all my money?
04/06/2005's not even worth chewing through the restraints
03/31/2005 What fresh hell is this?
03/24/2005 I seem to be at a loss for words!
03/17/2005 Dear Diary, Today The Mogambo says...
03/10/2005 Stand back, I am armed to the teeth!
03/02/2005 And you thought that I was gloomy!
02/23/2005 We need to take more of those blue pills
02/16/2005 It's all too weird, and I am all too scared
02/10/2005 Another night in the Bunker of Fear
02/03/2005 Take your damn shoes off! Shoes off! Shoes off!
01/26/2005 Hong choi hin gong?
01/20/2005 I never get the twenty bucks, dammit
01/13/2005 I see a bad moon a-rising
01/06/2005 I am starting to LOVE this Casey guy!
12/30/2004 Sorta Optimistically Pessimistic for 2005
12/23/2004 Relax. You own gold, says Rat Boy
12/16/2004 Situations That Cannot Last
12/09/2004 What can I say except, Got gold?
12/02/2004 ...snarling like a jungle cat
11/25/2004 No... no, no, no, no and no
11/18/2004 Guns, Gold & Groceries
11/11/2004 In short, we are screwed
11/04/2004 Out comes the funny-looking rubber chicken
10/29/2004 Greenspan, not a sturdy, floppy-eared workmate
10/21/2004 Ceri, I vow to start taking those yellow pills again
10/14/2004 Scare me - Come dressed up as the money supply
10/06/2004 Mogambo Fully armed, peering through the gun slits
09/23/2004 Sulphur and Cloven Hooves
09/15/2004 The gun-wielding gold bug raving lunatic is back
09/02/2004 The Usual Suspects
08/25/2004 Sleeping with The Debt
08/18/2004 Stupiditum ad infinitum
08/11/2004 Putting lipstick on a pig makes the piglook better
08/04/2004 We are truly 'The Idiot's Delight Generation'
07/28/2004 Mogambo... (Now armed & dangerous)
07/21/2004 No feather headdresses, but . . .
07/14/2004 Mogambo Movie Company Presents: Celsius 9/11
07/07/2004 We are all doomed, doomed, doomed
06/30/2004 I got your outrage right here, dude!
06/23/2004 ...a bazooka in one hand & a teddy bear in the other
06/16/2004 Captain's Log, Stardate 6501 mark 3
06/09/2004 Yoo hoo! Mogambo! We got money in here!
06/02/2004 Hubble-bubble, Toil & Trouble
05/26/2004 How dumb are we?
05/19/2004 The Twilight Zone
05/12/2004 Hey, Alan, the teddy bear's upside down
05/05/2004 A hard rain's a-gonna fall
04/28/2004 Debt: Right to the moon, Alice!
04/21/2004 When the pimple bursts it ain't a-gonna be a pretty thing
04/14/2004 Theater of the Absurd
04/07/2004 You'll know when you get enough
04/01/2004 How huge, Mogambo?
03/24/2004 Each day I wake up more scared than the day before
03/17/2004 Grumpy-O-Meter
03/10/2004 No water, no air, no Starbucks, no nothing!
03/04/2004 Sopping up the debt
03/01/2004 A Monstrously Gigantic and Out-of-control Current Account Deficit
02/23/2004 Appalled and Disgusted
02/17/2004 More beanie propeller spinners
02/09/2004 anybody holding the bag yet?
02/06/2004 The Writing on the Wall
01/21/2004 Grossly Miscalculating the Odds
01/16/2004 Whoa! This can't be right!
12/31/2003 The Deep, Deep Doo-Doo of Deep, Deep Debt
12/19/2003 The horrible New Deal quagmire
12/13/2003 PWOGs . . .
12/04/2003 Insert maniacal laughter, and fade to black
11/19/2003 Doing the Right Thing
11/14/2003 I'm not saying it is time to run for the hills, but...
11/07/2003 Mogambo sez: Ugh!

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No water, no air, no Starbucks, no nothing!

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