Genevera Allen

PhD Students:

Frederick Campbell, Department of Statistics.
Yulia Baker, Department of Statistics.
John Nagorski, Department of Statistics.
Minjie Wang, Department of Statistics.
Tianyi Yao, Department of Statistics.

Undergraduate Students:

Tiffany Tang

PhD Alumni:

Yue Hu (2016). Now at Liberty Mutual Insurance.
Manjari Narayan, (2016). Now a Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University.

Post-Doctoral Alumni:

Elizabeth Sweeney (PhD 2016 Johns Hopkins University). Now at Flatiron Health.

Undergraduate Alumni:

Andrew Dumit (2017). Now at Buoy Health.
Raymond Cano (2017). Now at Plaid Technologies.
Joshua Lipschultz (2016). Now at Google.
Emmy Burnnet (2016). Now at NC State University.
Jake Kornblau (2016). Now at Two Sigma.
Linda Zheng (2016). Now at Capital One.
Qijia Jiang (2015). Now at Stanford PhD program in Electrical Engineering.
Connor Barnhill (2015). Now at Two Sigma.
Jessica Gan (2014). Now at Accenture Consulting.

Statistical Learning Group Meeting: Summer 2017

Tuesdays 4pm - 6pm.

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Spring 2017

Congrats to Andrew & Raymond, Winners of the 2017 Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium!

2015 End-of-Semester Party

2014 Holiday Party