STAT 280: Elementary Applied Statistics



Homework Assignments

Laboratory Assignments


Labs SHOULD be due at the end of the lab period, once we straighten out the printing problems. If you cannot attend your lab and wish to switch, please coordinate with your labbie. Any changes or "negotiated" turn-in arrangements must be coordinated with your labbie.


Final Project


Due: Last day of finals

         TBD for graduating seniors

         TBD for non-graduating students


Within this project you must demonstrate five different aspects of a statistical study. The project should be 5-10 pages in length. You may use either an observational study or a designed experiment. I must approve your topic of research before you begin.


Approval deadline: TBD


1. Pose a question that you can answer with data (which must be approved by me).


2. Explain how you will select the data or design the experiment to gather the data. Provide your rationale for the choices.


3. Include your data (in an appendix) and provide an appropriate graphical display. The descriptive methods you use should relate to the research question you have chosen to answer.


4. Perform some statistical inference on your data and provide reasoning for your choice of methods. You should summarize your findings, relating them to your research question.


5. Summarize what you have done in layman's terms, so that a person without any statistical knowledge would understand your findings and how you obtained them.