# Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 21:49:17 +0100
# From: Daniel Gonzalez Gasull <gasull[at]usa.net>
# Subject: .muttrc for Pine users
# muttrc.Pine 1.0 by Daniel Gonzalez Gasull
# Feedback is welcome.  Email: gasull[at]usa.net
#                       http://gasull.home.ml.org
# This file contains commands to change the keybindings in Mutt to be
# similar to those of PINE 3.96.

# - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
# Key bindings
#       maps:
#               alias           alias menu
#               attach          attachment menu
#               browser         directory browser
#               compose         compose menu
#               index           message index
#               pgp             pgp menu
#               postpone        postponed message recall menu
#               generic         generic keymap for all of the above
#               editor          line editor
#               pager           text viewer

bind alias ' ' next-page
bind alias - previous-page
bind alias . enter-command
bind alias : tag-entry
bind alias n next-entry
bind alias p previous-entry
bind alias w search
bind alias x tag-entry

bind browser ' ' next-page
bind browser - previous-page
macro browser c "qc"    # Compose a message
bind browser g select-new
bind browser i exit
bind browser n next-entry
bind browser p previous-entry

bind index $ sort-mailbox
bind index ' ' next-page
bind index * set-flag
bind index + clear-flag
bind index , tag-subthread
bind index - previous-page
bind index . enter-command
bind index : tag-entry
bind index <down> next-entry
bind index <up> previous-entry
bind index L limit    # Not possible to simulate zoom-out...
bind index N next-unread
bind index R group-reply
macro index W "w\Cu~B "  # Search in the whole content of any message
bind index \; tag-pattern
bind index \Cr list-reply# Because 'l' is for GotoFldr
bind index a tag-prefix
bind index c mail
bind index d delete-message
bind index g change-folder
macro index j "1<backspace>"# like Jump in Pine
macro index l "g?"# like GotoFldr in Pine
bind index n next-entry
bind index p previous-entry
bind index t create-alias
bind index u undelete-message
bind index v display-message
bind index w search
bind index x sync-mailbox
bind index y print-message

bind attach . enter-command
bind attach : tag-entry
bind attach R group-reply
bind attach \Cr list-reply# Because 'l' is for GotoFldr
bind attach a tag-prefix
macro attach c "qic"
macro attach g "qg"

bind pager ' ' next-page
macro pager * "i*"
macro pager + "i+"
macro pager , "i,v"
bind pager . enter-command
bind pager : tag-message
bind pager <down> next-line
bind pager <up> previous-line
bind pager N next-unread
bind pager Q exit
bind pager R group-reply
macro pager W "iW"# Search in the whole content of any message
macro pager \; "i;"
bind pager \Cr list-reply# Because 'l' is for GotoFldr
macro pager a "ia"
macro pager b "Qb"
macro pager c "Qc"# like Pine
bind pager d delete-message
bind pager g change-folder
macro pager j "1<backspace>"# like Jump in Pine
macro pager l "g?"      # like GotoFdlr in Pine
bind pager n next-entry
bind pager p previous-entry
bind pager q quit
bind pager t create-alias
bind pager u undelete-message
bind pager w search
bind pager y print-message

bind compose . enter-command
bind compose : tag-entry
bind compose D edit-description
bind compose \Cj attach-file
bind compose \Co postpone-message
bind compose \Cr edit-headers
bind compose \Cx send-message
bind compose a tag-prefix
bind compose d detach-file
bind compose e edit-file

# PINE has different defaults for this variables
set nosave_name
set hdr_format=3D"%Z %3C %{%b %d} %-19.19L (%5c) %s"
set editor="pico"