Jerome Taylor
RUSIS 2003
Rice University

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1984 and raised in Decatur, Georgia. In my nineteen years of life, one thing has remained consistent: I love to solve problems. In fact, I look at the world as if it were one big problem, in the sense that I am always trying to improve how things function and the way we live. Soda machines only take dollar bills if you insert them one way, highways are congested, and there is no cure for HIV. Problems are ubiquitous, and there are few solutions. Statistics provides a way to methodically analyze and find the cause of these problems, so as to expedite the discovery of the solutions. Because of this and my inherent interest in mathematics, I fell in love with statistics, biostatistics in particular, and am now in my second year of studying statistics at Rice University. After completing my undergraduate studies, I plan to attain a Ph.D. in biostatistics, which I hope will arm me with the knowledge to attack many of the world's health problems. When I am not attempting to solve the world's problems, I like to listen to music, play basketball, and play tennis. If I am not doing one of those activities, I am probably trying to learn how to Salsa dance or being ridiculed by my two younger sisters for trying to dance with my "two left feet".

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