Whitney A. McIntyre
RUSIS 2003
University of Puget Sound

I'm a Washingtonian. I go out of my way to recycle, I have raised bees in my backyard, planted apple trees to replace uprooted Scotch broom, crocheted in a cherry tree, and swam in Puget Sound in December. I know nothing about music, not even the music from Seattle. If you ask me my favorite artist I would say Gustav Klimt. When I was in first grade I was fascinated by adding. In third, I was immersed in long division. Math is the language of the universe. If the world were a computer game, math would be its source code. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of math I have seen so far, and I want to see more. With math there is always a right answer. Truth or falsehood. I will pursue all aspects of math until I die. Graduate school would make that goal more feasible. Being here at Rice has made me more aware of the possibilities after graduation. I love school and if I can make a living going to school my whole life I will be happy as a clam. I don't know where my life will take me, but I know it will involve math.

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