Yan Huang
RUSIS 2004
University of California-Berkeley

The summer I spent in the RUSIS 2004 program was valuable and memorable. There I met my wonderful group-mates and classmates who were of similar academic interests but diverse cultural backgrounds, and some of whom I made good friends with afterwards. Not only were the RUSIS students granted a series of neat lectures (taught by Prof. Rojo) on a collection of important and fundamental concepts of probability and statistics, the program also invited speakers of a broad range of backgrounds to talk about how statistics was combined with computer technology and mathematics to advance modern sciences. Best of all, you would get exposures to both the Bayesian and the Frequentist approaches by just spending one summer here! In addition, the RUSIS 04 program introduced us to a good deal of useful information about the current resources (such as available funding for students to travel to statistics conferences,) that were accessible to students who were interested in statistics. This program shifted my mind from applying to Master programs to Ph. D programs in statistics; it opened my eye to see how big the world outside of my classroom was, as well as how much support I could get to overcome the possible challenges. The only warning I would give to the new comers of the program is that Texas is very hot and humid, so make sure to keep a tube of sunblock and an umbrella in your luggage! Despite the weather, RUSIS is one of the best places an undergrad could go for her/his summer!

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