Darren Homrighausen
RUSIS 2005
University of Colorado at Denver

The fundamental quandary to writing a self-expository paragraph is to find just the right amount of brevity. If I give too little information, I may look one dimensional. Give too much information and I look conceited. The most obvious solution to this problem is the pursuit of a perfect mixture of the two; a concoction that can be achieved through careful thought and a heavy dose of revision. Just maybe, however, there may be another way. One might, if he or she were so inclined, talk arbitrarily about the whole creative process. This has the benefit of creating a lengthy (but not overly so) statement, without including an overabundance of self-indulgences. Having said that, I am going to be a senior double major in Mathematics and Economics. My general hobbies include ultimate frisbee, running, and finding humor in as much of life as possible. My future plans will hopefully be imbued with scholarly activities (graduate school, etc.) and be characterized by a lifelong attempt to know myself.

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