Azucena Zamora
RUSIS 2006
Universit of Texas - El Paso

Hi!! My name is Azucena Zamora. I'm a senior at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Economics. The things I enjoy doing in my free time are reading, watching TV, going to the movies, dancing, and spending time with my family and friends. My plans for the future are graduating next Spring 2007 from UTEP. After that, I'd like to continue my education although I'm still undecided as to what field of study I prefer to pursue since I have a lot of options in my mind: Biostatistics, Statistics, Epidemiology, Applied Math, etc. Personally, this summer experience has been awesome!! I got to meet cool young people with interests similar to mine and, not only that, I've made good friends that I will like to keep in touch with after this is over (ti lu li lu li). Professionally, the experience of meeting guest speakers that struggled to get to where they are facing obstacles similar to what I've experienced has put things into perspective and showed me that if you really want to pursue something all you have to do is work as hard as you can and always give more than the 100% of what you think you are able to give. The thing that I like the most about Math is that something is either right or wrong and you have proof of it, unlike other sciences where things tend to be subjective. There are rules and if you don't follow them you'll end up with a big headache and no results in your hands (just the way life is supposed to be).

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