Gina Choi
RUSIS 2006
University of California - Berkeley

Upon entering the RUSIS program, I knew I was interested in mathematics; however, I was not sure what I would do with this interest upon graduation. Having completed the program, my plan is now to pursue a Ph.D. in statistics or biostatistics. This experience has made me certain that I want to pursue a career as a biostatistician. During the RUSIS program, I have taken basic classes in probability and statistics and learned to program using S-plus and Mathematica. My research topic was microarray survival analysis and I found it fascinating. The classes, the project and the exposure to many guest speakers from diverse backgrounds within the field of statistics have greatly enhanced my understanding of the field. They have also allowed me to see the great range of opportunity for someone with a strong statistical background. Are you interested in a REU program? As a major in applied mathematics at the University of California-Berkeley (UCB), I recommend applying to the RUSIS program. I believe that it will help you plan your future, as it has done for me.

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