Saulo Orizaga
RUSIS 2006
University of Texas - Pan American

My name is Saulo Orizaga. I am a senior at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas. I am mathematics major with a minor in electrical engineering, and have graduation plans for the spring of 2007. I would like to proceed from here to a Graduate School of Mathematics, and eventually obtain a PhD in mathematics. During this summer, I have been exposed to the many different applied fields that relates to statistics which is very interesting. Before the RUSSIS program I considered only one field of study, but this program has broaden my perspectives and shown me that there are other routes that I can take for my graduate studies. I would like to say to Dr. Rojo the organizer of RUSIS thanks for giving me, an undergraduate, this great opportunity of doing research and being exposed to an introduction of my graduate studies

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