Cristina Retamoza
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RUSIS 2013
University of Arizona

I was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. I moved to the United States as a third grader. My family and I first moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and then to Tucson, Arizona where I completed High School. Afterwards I attended the University of Arizona where I am currently a senior. Because I have always had a love of art, I decided to pursue an art major and an art history minor. I also minored in Spanish because it was my first language. However, my sophomore year I realized that I missed having math classes. After a few classes I added General/Applied mathematics as a second major. Although the course load has been difficult, stressful, and at times unbearable, I do not regret my decision to double major. After I complete my senior year, I would like to pursue higher education by attending graduate school and obtaining a PhD. My favorite color is yellow. Name: Cristina Retamoza Institution: University of Arizona Year: Senior Major: General/Applied mathematics, Art Minor: Art History / Spanish

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