Evan Breikss
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RUSIS 2013
Colorado School of Mines

I've always been fascinated with the variation in our world.  Hailing from Colorado, I studied applied statistics at Colorado School of Mines for my undergrad, with a little biology and computer science on the side.  My future surely will involve something a midst the sciences, analyzing data in some form or another.  I don't leave learning solely to my adventures in school; whether it is fiction, non-fiction, or even a textbook on a subject that caught my eye, I find reading to be rather enjoyable.  I'm also fond of the guitar, good electronica, picking up recyclables during a walk, and also creating awesome things in Minecraft.  (I am not blind to the irony of being both a Minecrafter and a Miner, but I assure you they are coincidence and not the norm at Mines!)  I look forward to seeing what happens next on my life journey; studying at Rice this summer certainly helped gain some perspective!

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