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RUSIS 2004-2005

David Kahle
David is the first RUSIS student to get a Ph.D.
David finished his Ph.D. in statistics at Rice University and he is now working as Assistant Professor of Statistics at Baylor University. Congratulations Dr. Kahle!!!
Sep 2011

RUSIS 2003

Sarah Williams
Sarah's first article, Congratulations!!! Paper
Apr 2011

RUSIS 2006

Javier Gomez
Javier just finished (Fall 2010) his Professional MS in Computational Science at The University of Texas at El Paso -UTEP-. Congratulations Javier!!! Link
Dec 2010

RUSIS 2005

Stacey Ackerman
Finished MS at CMU started Ph.D. in biostat at Harvard
Dec 2010

RUSIS 2009

Benjamin White
Started PhD in Stat at Rice in Fall 2010
Dec 2010

RUSIS 2009

Suzette Puente
Started PhD in Stat at UC BERKELEY
Dec 2010

RUSIS 2007

Gabriel Moreno
Started PhD in atmospheric sciences at U of A
Dec 2010

RUSIS 2007

Juan Sagredo
Received offers from Berkeley, Princeton, Wharton school. Decided for Princeton: Ph.D. in financial engineering
Dec 2010

RUSIS TA Grad Student

Tuan Nguyen
Finished PhD and accepted position with Eli Lilly
Dec 2010

RUSIS 2008

Gregory Cepluch
PhD student in Statistics at Texas A&M
Dec 2010

RUSIS 2010

Sasha Indarte
Sophomore Sasha Indarte’s flair for statistics research took her to Texas, Mexico, then California, where she presented her prize-winning research at the Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science conference. Link
Nov 2010

RUSIS 2010

Abraham Engle
Mathematics at the 2010 SACNAS National Conference "WHO WANTS TO BE A MATHEMATICIAN" Game: Abraham won US$2000 from the AMS and a TI-Nspire graphing calculator from Texas Instruments.
AMS news
Interview with Ab (video)
See how he won (video)
Nov 2010