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The Research for Undergraduates Summer Institute of Statistics at The University of Nevada (RUSIS@UNR)  will train and mentor 17 selected junior and senior underrepresented minority students, and students with no easy access to a career experience at their institution. RUSIS@UNR can only accept US citizens or permanent residents. International students cannont be accepted, even if they can provide their own support. The underlying motivation for the Institute is the fundamental interest in attracting more students into graduate work in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, and facilitating their transition into research work. These objectives will be accomplished through the following mechanisms:

  • Intensive Course in probability and statistical inference.
  • Engaging the students in research projects under close collaboration with faculty mentors. In cases where the work is sufficiently advanced, students and faculty will discuss continuing the work after the program ends with the goal of fully developing the work for submission and possible eventual publication. Students will be mentored in the preparation of their work for presentation in national meetings. Research projects will be selected from areas of current interest (e.g. multiple comparisons, extreme value theory, multivariate survival analysis, statistical genetics, and massive data methodologies).
  • Short courses on the use of Unix platforms, latex, and software to be utilized for research purposes such as Mathematica and R, will be part of the computer laboratory activities carried out during the summer.
  • Visits to scientific facilities (e.g., Biomathematics and Biostatistics Departments at MD Anderson Cancer Center, NASA) will be organized.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of the progress of students for seven years (expected time for them to finish graduate school) after their participation; annual evaluation of the program by the participating students and an external advisory committee.

RUSIS@UNR is a 10-week summer program. Students with a mathematical background that includes three semesters of calculus, and one semester of linear algebra or matrix analysis, should contact the PI Javier Rojo (email: 713-348-2797).

Information and application for RUSIS@UNR 2014

Visit RUSIS websites to meet participants, know about their projects and summer activities!!!