Invited Session Scientific Committee
Javier Rojo, Chair                --  Rice University
           Jane Ling Wang        --  UC Davis 
           David W. Scott          --  Rice University 
           Juliet P. Shaffer        --  UC Berkeley 
           Deborah Mayo          --  Virginia  Polytechnical Institute 
           Jef Teugels                --  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 
           James R. Thompson  --  Rice University 

Invited Sessions
Naisyin Wang, Chair
Recent Advances in Longitudinal Data Analysis 
Raymond J. Carroll -- Texas A&M University
Semiparametric Efficiency in Longitudinal Marginal Models
Fushing Hsieh -- University of California, Davis
Some Issues and Results on Nonparametric Maximum likelihood
Estimations in Joint Model for Survival and Longitudinal Data.
Jane-Ling Wang --  University of California, Davis Functional Regression and Principal Components Analysis for
Sparse Longitudinal Data
David W. Scott, Chair 
Semiparametric and Nonparametric Testing
Jeffrey D. Hart -- Texas A&M University Semiparametric Bayesian and Frequentist Tests of Trend 
for a Large Collection of Variable Stars
Joseph Gastwirth  -- George Washington University
Efficiency Robust Tests for Linkage or Association 
Irene Gijbels -- Institut de Statistique, Université Catholique de Louvain Nonparametric testing for monotonicity of a hazard rate
Juliet P. Shaffer, Chair 
Multiple hypothesis tests: New approaches--optimality issues
Juliet P. Shaffer  -- UC Berkeley
Different types of optimality in multiple testing
Joseph Romano  -- Stanford
Optimality in stepwise hypothesis testing
Sandrine Dudoit  -- UC Berkeley
Massive numbers of hypotheses: The example of microarrayanalysis
Peter Westfall  -- Texas Tech University
Optimality considerations in testing massive numbers of hypotheses
Persi Diaconis, Chair 
Philosophy of Statistics
David Freedman --  UC Berkeley 
Some reflections on the foundations of statistics
Sir David Cox  --  Oxford
Some remarks on statistical inference
Deborah Mayo  -- Virginia Polytechnical Institute
The theory of statistics as the "frequentist's" theory of inductive inference
Jef Teugels, Chair
Extremes and Finance
Richard A. Davis -- Colorado State University
Regular Variation and Financial Time Series Models
Hansjoerg Albrecher -- University of  Graz -- Austria
Ruin theory in the presence of dependent claims
Patrick L. Brockett  --  University of Texas, Austin 
A chance constrained programming approach to pension plan 
management when asset returns are heavy tailed
James R. Thompson, Chair 
Adrian Raftery -- University of Washington
Probabilistic Weather Forecasting Using Bayesian Model Averaging
James R. Thompson -- Rice University The Simugram: A Robust Measure of Market Risk
Nozer D. Singpurwalla  --  The George Washington University The Hazard Potential: An Approach for Specifying Models of Survival
Javier Rojo, Organizer
New Investigators
William C. Wojciechowski , Chair
Gabriel Huerta -- University of New Mexico
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Mexico City Ozone Levels 
Sergio Juarez -- Universidad Veracruzana -- Mexico
Robust and Efficient Estimation for the Generalized Pareto Distribution
William C. Wojciechowski -- Rice University Adaptive Robust Estimation by Simulation
Rudolf H. Riedi -- Rice University Optimal Sampling Strategies for Tree-based Time Series