Ph.D. Students


School Year Currently

David Kahle Rice University 2011 Baylor, Department of Statistical Science
(Waco, TX)

Tuan Nguyen Rice University 2010 Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Co (Indianapolis)

Richard Ott Rice University 2005 Mesa State College (Junction Colorado)

Musie Ghebremichael Rice University 2005 Research Scientist
Department of Biostatistics
School of Public Health.

Jose Luis Batun-Cutz Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas
2005 Professor of Statistics
Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan
(Merida, Yucatan; Mexico)

Enrique Villa-Diharce Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas
1998 Professor of Statistics
Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas
(Guanajuato; Mexico)

Master Students


(Tesis Area)
Year Tesis Title PhD School Currently

Raul Cruz Cano UTEP May, 2001 MCMC and Neural Networks UTEP 2006. Research Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Maryland College Park.
Note: I directed Raul's thesis but because of my departure from UTEP, another faculty member was the Director of record.

Sergio Juarez UTEP
May, 1999 Some new properties of the generalized Pareto distribution with applications to the analysis of trend in the levels of contaminants. SMU 2003. Faculty member at the Universidad Veracruzana, México.

Weishi Yuan UTEP
May, 1997 Estimation of Bivariate Survival Functions Under Censoring. Johns Hopkins University, 2005. Mathematical Statistician at the Food and Drug Administration, Washington, D. C.

Alan Mabry UTEP
May, 1997 Genetic Linkage Mapping Using Kernel Density Estimation.

Carmen Thompson UTEP
August, 1994 Some Mathematical and Statistical Problems in Corrosive Wear.

Jinping Wang UTEP
August, 1993 Asymptotic Relative Efficiencies and Optimality Properties of Certain Tests for Dispersive Ordering. Southern Methodist University. Working at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Zheng Ma UTEP
June, 1991 Estimation of Stochastically Ordered Survival Functions. Yale University. Working for The Food and Drug Administration.

Guo Zhong He UTEP
May, 1989 Characterizations of the Dispersive Ordering. University of California at Davis. Working for the California Department of Public Health and University of California, San Francisco.