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Kathy Ensor

Katherine Bennett Ensor
Professor and Chair of Statistics in the School of Engineering
Director of CoFES
Rice University


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Current Students

  • Emiliam Vankov
  • Xin Zhao

Supervised Theses and Disertations
Rice University Alumini of Statistics

Beth Bower Ph.D
Energy Finance and Risk Based Investing in New Technologies (2011)

Alejandro Cruz Ph.D
Estimating the Term Structure of Corporate Bonds via Dirichlet Process Mixtures (2010)

Sarah Thomas Ph.D
Model Based Clustering: Applications in Finance and the Environment (2010)

Lada Kyj Ph.D

Estimating Realized Covariance Using High Frequency Data (2008)

Talithia Williams Ph.D
Real-Time Estimation of Rainfall: A Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Model (2008)

Ginger Davis Ph.D
Topics in Multivariate Time Series (2007)
Time Varying Parameters in Non-Linear Time-Series Models

Gretchen Fix Ph.D
Corporate Propensity to Pay Dividends (2007)

Roxy Cramer Ph.D
Parameter Estimation for Discretely Observed Continuous Time Inhomogeneous Markov Chains (2001)

Mary Calizzi Ph.D
Multivariate Spatial-Temporal Modeling with Application to Air Quality Assessment (2000)

Scott Baggett Ph.D
Space-time Modeling with Applications to Sea Surface Temperatures (2000)

Loren Hopkins Ph.D
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Ambient Air Pollution and Adverse Respiratory Health Effects Using an Indirect Measurement of Exposure (1998)

S. Brock M.A.
ES&E 1998

L. Hauschel M.A.
A Stochastic Investigation of BIOPLUME II (1996)

Monnie McGee Ph.D
Tests for Harmonic Components in the Spectra of Categorical Time Series (1995)

T.F. Hood M.A.
Control Charts for Autocorrelated Data (1994)

G.L. Dittrich M.A.
A Time Series Approach to Quality Control (1990)