Last Updated: Sunday, April 27, 2008
Photo Album
The first color picture
South Bank of Charles River, April 2008.
Copley Square
Copley Square (Boston)
Trinity Church, Boston, April 2008
Blowing off the candle lights
Birthday Party(Hangzhou)
My college classmates and I were celebrating my birthday at Professor Fan's house.
Spring in paradise
Sichuan July 2007
Huang Long.
John Hancock Tower
Copley Square, Boston, April 2008
John Hancock Tower.
University of Texas at El Paso
Sunrise at UTEP
My first home in U.S. is here: UTEP. It is said that the golden color only can be seen around New Mexico and El Paso area. I was so lucky to catch one.
Flowers in front of Alton Place, Brookline, May 2007
Late Fall in Rice
JiuZhaiGou, Sichuan, July 2007
Jian Zhu (Bamboo) Lake.
The State Flower of Texas
JiuZhaiGou, Sichuan July 2007
Xiniu Lake.
Lily Lake
Bear Lake (Rocky Mountain Nationa Park)
Bear Lake after rain in Summer.
Bear Lake
Lily Lake (Rocky Mountain Nationa Park)
By the Lily Lake on a summer morning.