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Astrobiology is the scientific effort of diverse disciplines to study the origin,destiny, and distribution of life in the universe.

The Houston Astrobiology Consortium (HAC) is a group of  scientists and public collaborators in the Texas Gulf Coast area with research  interests that contribute to the study of Astrobiology. Our group presently includes interested individuals from two local universities, (University of Houston and Rice University), Baylor College of Medicine in the Medical Center, and the Johnson Space Center. Specialties include research areas such as chemical evolution, planetary biology, space science and medicine, and the origin and evolution of life.

Beyond  the scientific research interest of it's members, HAC  is interested in promoting a vigorous outreach program for local Houstonians. This outreach program is designed to provide interaction between the science community and  the public, as  fundamental questions concerning the evolution and distrubution of life are of interest to all, children, adults, educators, and researchers alike. The Houston Astrobiology Consortium is aided in this focus  with the creation of the The National Aeronatucis and Space Administration (NASA) Astrobiology Institute which marks an unprecendented level of support  dedicated to the study of astrobiology.  HAC is dedicated to a  robust interchange through seminar series, workshops, and information dissemination for levels of interest ranging from general to active scientific pursuit.


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