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David W. Scott

Noah Harding Professor of Statistics

On Sabbatical, 2014-2015

Chair, Department of Statistics, 2013-2014

Faculty Senate Engineering Representative, 2011-2014

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2016 Nancy Moore and J. Thomas Eubank Prize in Computational Statistics
2008 ASA Founders Award
2004 U.S. Army Wilks Award

2nd Edition, Multivariate Density Estimation, April, 2015
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Color Figure Versions of B&W Hardcover Figures
Datasets for MDE

Curriculum Vitae (ps) (pdf)
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RVLS (Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics)
Histogram Applet (Selecting the Bin Width and Origin)
Sampling Applet
Regression-by-Eye Applet
Multimedia Statistics Course of Statistics
HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook

Co-Editor WIRES: Computational Statistics
JCGS (Journal of Computational and Graphics Statistics)
JSS (Journal of Statistical Software)
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Research supported in part by IARPA and NSF awards.
David W. Scott <scottdw (at) rice (dot) edu>

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